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Author Comments

It's unfinshed because my flash took a shit on my when I was fixing some issues so it might look uber fucking shitty and I didnt save because I was 20 min into it. I drew everything with a mouse

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Not that bad man!

Not that bad man , keep it up.


this is it?
this is really it?

ummm... k

while i agree with aflacman13 u need to commit to a project he went overboard, dont post it till its finished and if u are worried about what other people think dont only your opinion should matter to u so dont post early and do what YOU want not what others want from you.

Finish it please.

If you want to be a TRUE flash ARTIST then you need to learn how to commit. Finish your work before you post it so that others can properly enjoy your work. It is extremely annoying when someone puts tester flash or unfinished flabble on the net. If you start a project try to finish it and realize that some of the best flash done by some of the most talented artists can take a year or more for just one person to complete. It took Pixar somewhere around 10 years to finally come up with TOY STORY, and they had to build the technology they used from the ground up with only a team of 20-50 people. Old school Disney movies like Fantasia took somewhere over 2000 employees to HAND DRAW in the 60's. Don't believe me? Just rent it or buy it and go to the credits and Frame-by-Frame it while you count all the names. I did it once when I was wasted and it actually sobered me up with how many people it took. Then a few years later my little sis got a DVD of it and I counted it again and the list of names had actually gotten about 2-300 names longer I guess be cause of all the Remastering people it took. So try to be patient with yourself and remember; it takes a lot of hard work and effort to be a TRUE ARTIST. (This is true for all types of art.)

Looks great

What are you talking about?? This looks really good, especially using just a mouse. I know I'm pretty excited when programs quit when I'm not ready to and I have already put a bunch of effort and time into something. Save now, save often! Great effort on this

Credits & Info

1.81 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
10:23 PM EDT