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SRM Short: Haircut

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I lost a bet to a friend of mine. The bet was that if he held up his end of it, I would have to cave to fan request and make a flash based on the ideas of some of my fans. For some reason, many of my fans (IE - more than one, closer to two) suggested I make a flash where SRM gets a haircut. As some people seem to realize, SRM has no hair and is more or less a blue brick. I managed to write a short flash though, and I hope you guys enjoy it. This is also one of my first flashes exhibiting an upgraded set of characters that I'm using.

Anyway, hope you folks like it. I respond to all reviews!

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Loved it

I love the Fallout 3 shout out. Good work, Battosai! Keep it up, cause you just got a new fan.

San Andreas has much to answer for!

Ah, the joy of suddenly being able to grow a hairstyle that you might want, in the colour of your choice, while the barber can style it, using only a set of clippers. I'm impressed with the amount of gel that these styles come equipped with, for just a few seconds of "buggering about".

The fact that you ended up with the same style that you started with and even the irony that the spiked hair seems to make an appearance in The Last Soda a few months hence. I like the way that this piece has roots in GTA, but it also brings us some really good classic SRM humour.

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

Well, the hair is the same as it was in The Last Soda, since I figured I might as well reuse the assets! This came about from the bizarre idea for a cartoon to have SRM have a haircut. This was suggested to me by more than one fan, which surprises me considering SRM is a bald blue cube-like thing.

Once again, the roots in GTA are moreso for convenience than anything else. I like doing Niko's voice, and I already had one vaguely "human" looking character made up so I did it. The San Andreas haircut comparison is pretty apt though! It's more a Fallout 3 reference than anything else, what with the Tunnel Snakes reference. Glad you liked the toon!

Niko Bellic

hitman, eater of boots, and barber extraordinarre

Battosai810 responds:

Don't forget puker of beverages.

omg u made this flash

you actually listened to my idea (well it was a bet, making be pretty sad) 10 stars, and good to see that my idea didnt give you a bad rating for the flash :D

Battosai810 responds:

I do listen to all ideas I get - some of them have potential, some of them don't. Glad you liked the toon though - it was your proposal, after all.

As for the bet, this was one of the more popular ideas, and definitely had more potential than SRM Halo or whatever.


he did the mohawk in "the last soda"!!!!
awsome anyway I love the guys russian accent I just cant listen to him talk and keep a straight face

Battosai810 responds:

I think I did this one first and I knew I just had to use that mohawk again.
Thanks for the props on my cheesy Russian accent :)

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4.90 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
5:33 PM EDT