Final Fantasy: TFR

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So before you play it I let you know it's not done. If you don't feel like playing it don't. Just don't complain if you do play it and actually realize it's not done.

Anyways that aside, I hope you do enjoy what gameplay there is. The only reason I decided to put it up in the flash portal was because I wanted to know what you (newgrounds users :) ) thought about the dynamics of the gameplay. I would really appreciate any and all comments ( except if your complaining its not done haha) and/or suggestions you have. If your comment is worthwhile and isn't asking me to conquer incredible feats including bodily parts and other objects, you can excpect to see it used in the full game. I haven't added a preloader for a reason. Fixed the music thingie, my bad :P

If you like it let me know because if nobody thinks its worth it i don't plan on turing it into a game.


i like it a little but no cool attck's that suck but i still like it :D


his hp was 0 how can he still attack?????????

very interesting

this is very interesting i know that you noted that it is not completed as if marshal uses his fire attack you die instantly and restart the game but goos animation and you deserve it so out of what you have done its a defenet 8/10 plus im a final fantacy fan.
continue the project and if you turn it into a game i will defenatly play it. I look forward to your final result so good luck.

Feels like an experiment

Lots of people have commented on the actual play, and I agree with what they're saying.

Another point, you need to make your interface more legible. Don't use different colors and fonts for different buttons, that's confusing. Pick a straightforward style, stick to it.

TheManolantern responds:

Finally some constructive critscism. I believe il respond to this one.

The problem with the interface s that the one in use, is just there to do it's job. Im going to make a new one. I apologise for the colouring if you must know im actually clourblind so i just kinda randomly selected colours. Being red/blue/green colourblind certainly makes things difficult


it would be nice if you can win at ALL. i got him past 0 and he didnt die. in fact after i got him past 0 it just auto him him until he killed me. his magic attack is a one hit kill and he does it all the time. there is no real battle but just luck of the draw and like i said EVEN if you do win you lose. fix all your bugs and maybe put more content into it and you might have a nice game.

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2.35 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
10:48 PM EDT
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