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Shooting Stars

rated 2.17 / 5 stars
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Jun 17, 2009 | 7:15 AM EDT

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Author Comments

oh yeah forgot to mention, i started this at about 9 o'clock last night and finished at 7:18
10 hours of hardcore work:P
BTW small file, no pre loaded cause im lazy srry if this is a problem... because idk

Did this one in flash (instead of visual basic) and although my summative was suppose to be the other game i'm making with my friend ~pudgeball~ it didn't get done in time, so i pulled an all night-er and made an entertaining mini game.

Being that its only a mini game only expect to play it once or twice (three tiems at most). also if the games a hit, i'm gonna be making a sequel to actually make use out of some of the extra useless functions i put in, and am going to put in.

So if you have a vision idea or mental retardation feel free to give me some feed back (or face crushing into the keyboard :P) in a comment, or a PM, but i don't check them much.

Also, much thanks to John Coony (Jmtb02) for making luminara years ago. To this day its still one of my favorite games and this game would probably not have been seen in my stooped little head without his greatness.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Dim Star

A joint collaboration! However the reference to "you" is to whoever it may concern to take on the criticisms. I see both you have submitted material already.

The game is a simple shooter in which a side scrolling turret {manually controlled} fires white squares at stars which display their life in numerical figures. They display how many hits are needed to eliminate them. However there is nothing else. This makes the game pointlessly short. The counting is fixed and is not determined by any other factor.

The actual control of the turret and firing mechanism is pleasing. The speed and fluidity of repeated firing is satisfactory. However a major problem exists the game's design - there is no aim. This refuses determination to replay it. The golden rule of video games is to create an experience; this can only be achieved by creating a goal {a purpose} and making a clear distinction to the player that he/she has either succeeded or failed to reach it. Without this it is like a chocolate cake without the chocolate.

Some methods of improving the game, already recommended by former reviewers, is to create threats to the turret - {"should have made it so things could kill you" - polyrhythmm}. These could be natural threats like comets, disasters of natures or living threats such as alien spacecraft or enemy turrets. Even simple shapes that must be avoided would be fundamentally appreciated.

Perhaps you could force a time limit on the stars as a wave. Place a set {or random} number of stars and give the player a set amount of time to shoot them down, then gradually increase the difficulty threshold. You could add new targets which move or even turn into threats. There is a fine basis for key developments so try implementing some or all of them.

Graphically however the game is lacking huge substance - in some areas. Firstly the drawings are simple. There is no real sign of major skill or artistic ability and the numbers are pre-packaged fonts. However the animation is very smooth. The circles move flawlessly across the screen and even bounce off the walls without disruption. The special effects on the turret when a star disappears is a highlight.

This links in with your details which, apart from what is already mentioned, clearly shows massive failures. The background is a basic brush of purple with a white line curving at the bottom. Everything else is colorful but rudimentary, although the turret looks a little pretty. The real task for you now is to focus on the parts which look dull and lack effort.

For sound, there is marginally positive criticism. It is nice that you decided to implement music although a mute button would have been respectful. It suits the game fairly well as it captures the feelings of ambient stars. However the game needs sound effects. There is no short burst of original sounds anywhere. You need to incorporate either a magical blast or a mechanical shot from the turret and blow us away with a cool starry explosion. This would make the game more atmospheric.

In conclusion, the game is on the first rudder. It has promise and tiny moments of mediocre joy, but fails in spite of some minor graphical treasures. The problem is game play - there is none. Interactive components alone cannot stimulate an enjoyable environment. But the concept is pretty sound so add the inner organs to this skeleton and it could lead to something very exciting.

The main reason why people play games is for the experience. It creates a distinctive memory; much like a movie would, and imprints it with clarity. Not only that, it should be a proud achievement for anybody to make such a game. It would an honour to play an upgraded version so send me a PM if so. I'm not a flash artist so check around advanced tutorials or ask good flash artists if you should require scripting for game play additions. Good luck!


* * * { 3 - 10 } "Lacklustre"

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iamironman responds:

Thank you Sammi.

this review is EXACTLY what i was looking for, although a little lengthy, I do know what games are. I have been designing flashes and not submitting them (for they are crap and uncompleted) for years and i was really just looking to see if theres anybody who see's potential for this to be an actual game. I will certainly be persuiting this in the future and I will do my best to send you a PM when the (very) revised version is up and running

Thanks for all the sugestions


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

worked for me

but you should have made it so things could kill you.
otherwise its kind of pointless.

good effort for what you were trying to do.

iamironman responds:

well, hate to break it to ya. but games are kinda pointless. this game is not ment to consume 200 days of your life, like an MMO or a bar or a house party. but people who come to the flash portal expect games like that for some resason and they want to come back to it the next day... idk


Rated 0 / 5 stars


wouldn't start for me either.... obviously there is a problem if 3 or 4 people cant get it to start dude.

iamironman responds:

dude this game is no different than any other game or animation on NG. seriously if your using Firefox or apparently safari too you have no business on new grounds.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

click what to begin?

I clicked everything on the first screen and the game didn't begin. It looks ok enough for something on which you spent less than a day, but maybe you should spend more time on a game before submitting. I had to give you no stars because it just didn't work.

iamironman responds:

well, i dont know what your talking a bout just i just played it through 4 times...

and i would have spent as much time as needed, but. it is finished for what i was making it for. to see if their was interest for me to bother makinga full version.

i dont know why it diddent work for you cause i have played it on google chrome and IE now.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


I didn't even shoot I just got 1 million points for free.. so.. graphic were bad, it did count the times I shot a star down but hell it didn't matter.

iamironman responds:

well when your playing games to be a douchebag and looking for the smallest error, then yeah your not gonna enjoy yourself. try actually playing cause this game was made for fun, not hardcore 4 hours of gameplay take abrake to jerk off cause its soooo efffing good!