TerrorWar - Da PAYBACK

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Control thousands of megatons of space-borne nuclear firepower for the ED9K Legions of Death! Rain hell-fire on the Middle East (and France, of course), drive bin Laden out of his hole and blast him out of the sky, and heap honor and fear upon your name! With special guest appearances by Moamahr Quadaffi, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and some Iranian dude.


The only thing worse than canada is Islam

I see these canadaians say America sucks. Thats funny since that computer your useing most likely came from america and so did the operationg system. Look at the top ten cd sells in canada. They are all of American artists! Make another one of these and blow up that ungratefull bitch that gets all there entertainment products from us and gave us nothing but bad beer and hockey.

pretty shitty

the game is pretty good but there isnt really a point to it i rekon that you should show su people dieing or at least getting there heads blown off
the game was shitty it needed more stuff in it

make it better!!!

i suggest you add more interaction not just blowin stuff up.

It was OK but not great

next time try adding some other types of bombs u can use like 1,000 LB smart bombs or some clusters. all in all it was pretty kool

TO necro99

where in the hell were you born? maybe we should bomb the hell out of your home? how would you like that? you mother f***ing pansy!!!!!!!!! Oh, in regards to the game, I think it was awesome!!!!

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2002
12:42 AM EDT
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