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NG, learn how to vote!

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Hello Newgrounds! It could be a good idea to plug in your headphones for this one, the music sounds so much better and you hear my singing better too!

Why do cheap sprite flashes get higher ratings than high quality, but short, stuff? And also, it seems like people vote more badly now, it feels like you used to vote higher before. Why? That's unfair. Learn how to vote. :)

There's a thing that I don't like with you dear NG-user
And that is when you move your curser
To the the little little space where you can judge
Please vote 5 on this and thank you very much

But I know, that you are not going todo that
Cause probably you're a Newgrounds-bad-voting-twa t
And I don't like that kind of people anymore
All bad-voters please stand up

Please please you ugly goat
Please please learn how to fucking vote

So how would you rate this flash?

Please don't take this too seriously and write angry reviews like: "What are you saying? I never overate stuff you asshole!!". Also, (this feels a little funny to say) please vote on the quality of the flash, not becouse you don't agree. Hope you like this little music video. Thank you Newgrounds for being awesome and you for watching!

Art, Animation & Vocals: Holy Konni
Music by my dear friend: el Musho

I respond to all reviews.

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holy crap they called me an ugly goat! please, just dont. vote right. thats all you need to tell us.

Kinda stupid concept, could work if the execution was better tho

Lol! Thumbs Up~

Awesome movie!

I know right?

if cheap crap gets high rates what is the point in working hard?

HolyKonni responds: