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Made this over the course of a couple weeks, using dialogue recorded several months ago. It was made with the intent of having a friend of mine show it to a high-school animation class he was doing a co-op in.

He asked for an older piece. I used it as an excuse to animate something new.

EDIT: I'm working on fixing the proportions of the movie, they differ between what Flash SAYS they are, and what the appear to be once I upload it. Please bear with me.



OMG make this game lol!!


It was pretty good, you made it seem epic, but it did miss a couple of things.

+ means good, - means bad.

+The graphics were great
+Camera work was well done
+Pretty good voice acting
+Good storyline
+Lip syncing was done very well

-Actions seems a bit stiff
-microphone quality was bad
-bad sound effects
-annoying background music
-human motions were a bit sketchy

Otherwise, good job!

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Pretty good.

Most of the jokes fell flat but the animating and the voice-work was good.

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Hot stuff

I liked it alot, thought it was great. Nice job on the backrounds and colourings. I would like to mention that I really liked the colouring at the scene where the room was all red, that was nice.

Some parts looked a little sloppy but its no big deal.

But since you mentioned that this was basically an excuse for you to animate I felt you could put out a higher quality then this.

Just plainly put, I thought it was great. well done.

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Pretty good.

I had no interest in this what-so-ever. I recommend a split screen with an entirely different movie. The rating is based on the animation and lip syncing.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2009
10:53 PM EDT
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