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Pitfall 2009

rated 2.65 / 5 stars
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Jun 2, 2009 | 12:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

It was the first time for me to do a Pure Actionscript 3 game, and I learned a LOT. Still learning so please bear with me. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

EDIT: hey i am trying to polish a turd. :D any suggestions you want for me to add to this game let me know. i want to make it a fun experience for both myself (learning) and players. Many changes added i think i found the reason for the lag before. Please give it another shot.

WASD or Arrow keys to Move.
Space or Mouse-Click to Jump.


Get through all 255 levels and collect as many treasures as possible within 7 days (3 minutes each).



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but not good yet.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The graphics were great. Couldn't get any better for a game like this in my opinion. The animation and gameplay though was so glitchy and annoying to the point that I didn't even finish playing a game like I usually do. I found it extremely hard to jump off of the vine, there were times where the guy's leg would be stuck in certain parts and a lot of the time animation was just choppy. Looks like there might be a lot of coding problems to fix.

~ Story/Content ~

Not a bad idea for a game, but really hard in my opinion. Probably at the difficulty you want it at though. The reason that I thought it was hard was because of the way I had trouble jumping off the vines, etc..

I hardly saw any reason to go down below unless in the later levels you added treasure down there too. Perhaps in the future when you get better at coding/game making you could make it so that the money that you collect allows you to get items from a store in between level or buy special upgrades to improve your character.

I didn't happen to make it too far into the game. Was it a new level every time you went off the screen into a new section? If not then I didn't make it pass level 1. D:

~ Audio ~

Sound effects might need to be synced a little bit better with the animation, but overall the sound effects and music used was decent all around.

~ Overall ~

Not a bad game and good since your starting to learn. I guess the reason I didn't like it a lot was because of some things like the vine, etc.. Nothing too exciting, but has room for improvement. Good luck and keep working!

~ Review Request Club ~

partythenwork responds:

thanks for your honest review. i am not sure about the animation etc. which part felt glitchy? i recently made some changes to change how the collision detection worked to help improve the frame rate.

also looking for more optimization techniques.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Has a few issues

It's not a bad animation to be honest, though I would suggest that you work on the game mechanics slightly - there are issues with jumping over the water - when you drop off the vine, if you so much as touch the water, you die. The sound effect for the death was a little on the loud side, compared to the precedent you set with the sound effect for the jumping.

The other main issue I have is the way that when you come to a ladder, you lose score for dropping down - you should be able to stand on the ladder and climb down, without your score dropping.

The graphics are good, the concept is well devised and overall, it is a nice game. I can see this going further.

[Review Request Club]

partythenwork responds:

much thanks. i think what i need to do is also add a sound effect for "falling". another thing i might try is letting the users customize the sound volumes etc. again i am learning AS3 (well still 6 months into it), and my bag of tricks isnt huge yet.

thanks for the encouragement and ill look more into what else i can add. if anything could you also put up some links to any other ideas/tutorials i could implement.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Okay Game

It isn't a bad game. The artwork is great, but the animation seems stiff which makes the controls stiff as well. All I can say is fix the controls and animation and you'd have a decent Pitfall game. Also when I came to the first pit, the landing for getting away from the pit had to be exactly precise which made it hard to get past the pit. The last thing would be a title screen and instructions in the game.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Good Animation
*Great Sound
*Good Controls

|| Bad Points ||
*Precision Landing - Not Good

partythenwork responds:

thanks for a more precise view on what ill need to add. what do you think i could add to make the precision landing better?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good but not great

I was a big fan of pitfall when I was a kid. The graphics, music, and gameplay are all great and in the pitfall spirit.

The ladder bug isn't the biggest deal, you just need to press the right arrow key when you're just a little bit under the ground and you get off the ladder. The biggest issues for me were the game would lag quite often, and there didn't really seem to be any goal other than just run forward. I would have liked some levels or progression of some sort. Day 1 wasn't really any different than day 2 which wasn't much different from day 3. Also it gets pretty easy since it's just the same enemies over and over again and really all that kills you is falling in the water. Maybe make the logs hurt you or the snakes move or something.

Definately fun for a while though.

partythenwork responds:

thanks for the feedback. i guess initially i was making it too much like the original pitfall in that you just keep moving forward. so i guess it might be better to have it setup so that there are puzzles or better objectives.

much thanks.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The ladder

I think the ladder bug is that you have to jump over the ladders to move past them most of the time. And sometimes you see a white square around the character.. the sound I won't review as I never bother with sounds in games, graphic wise it was pretty ok if you drew all the stuff. So good luck with actionscripting

partythenwork responds:

is that a bug? you are supposed to jump over the ladder in the original game. i think i did fix the other bug people were talking about. it had to do with if you were on the bottom of the ladder and sometimes it wouldnt let you climb. i think i found that error. it was an older version.