Heavy Weapons

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An outstanding Flash arena shooter with 60 levels and 3 bosses.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is the array of 21 unique weapons at your disposal.
You need to learn whch weapons work best against different enemies, and combine their forces to get through the levels.
You can take three weapons in to a level.

A,S,D,W or arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.
Q,E, or Space, or 1,2,3 to change weapons.



theeeeee best game ive ever played

Great Game!

Very good game, graphics are awesome the gameplay straight foward, bosses, weapons...man I can go on forever.

But in short GREAT GAME.

But if you make a sequal include upgrades and music, ambience gets boring :D

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great game

had some trouble on a few levels but overall if you think about what is coming at you you can choose the rigth weapon mix....*SPOILER* oh and for the guy that couldnt beat lvl 29 use the shild and go right beside them.. kills the turrets in like 2 seconds.. cheers!.. plsu the boss is easy if you use the temp. invinciiblity of your ship and hit him with lightening and short shield.. cheers!@

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this games so badass but can anyone give advice on the second boss tho hes a basterd


Finished the game, and got all the weapons.

The last weapon was a bit of a dissapointment though...duck of death?

Here's how I beat the last boss:
Weapons: Laser lock canon, Slow time, 4 homing missiles

Slow time to help avoid the fire balls, stay to the far hand side of the screen, the strings of fire break apart giving you enouch space to dodge.

Fire the homing missles as much as possible, they regenerate quickly (good to kill the jumping green slime). The laser lockis where you'll be doing most of the damage

Fun game.

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4.38 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2009
4:42 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional