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Music Is An Epic Thing

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woot front page. Thanks Tom or Wade...who ever did that thanks. and thanks to everyone else who voted. I may not reply to all your reviews but I do read them all ;)

Hello there. Its been a while since I've uploaded something so I thought I'd show off one of my Assignments. This took me 3 days to create and all. I wanted to challenge myself to use materiel that I've created or taken. The song is from the movie 'Hancock'.

I used After Effects (with many plug ins) and 3D Max (Vray to render). Not much for me to say. I've jam packed this with Extras and all.

-Running Time: 2 mins Approx
-Creators Bio
-About Creation
-Creation (Making of)

-Created by Studio Nightbird
-Music from Hancock

..::update to answer most your questions::..
Q: Why is this on Newgrounds and not on a video site like Youtube
A: Well youtube have removed my videos 3 times now due to copyright. The last video claimed to be stolen was me playing the piano. So I'm tired of youtube and I'm directing most my video art like this to newgrounds.

Q: Whats with the spelling errors
A: ah yes, Well I was up late around 3am finishing this. it wasn't till around 4 when I just rushed it. However I am going to fix them up as soon as I have the time

Q: Did you just slap some random effects in
A: No, I had this all pre-planed. From start to finish. Although there is a lot of little effects that didn't make it. Every effect I've used had its purpose. Most the things you see have been programed to dance to the music.

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Why can't i pass 10?

This was truly beautiful. It reminded me of the first time i saw the first Spiderman movie. That made me realize that i can amount to anything in life... not rly. but this shit rocked my fuckin' world. if i could replace all the commercials in the world with this video for one day, i would do it no matter what the consequences would be for hacking all the worlds t.vs.