back alley concentration

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dipping into the game genre and wanted to start simple. since concentration is mostly graphics heavy instead of code It made it an easy project to get Back alley Games off and running. anyway more complex games are in development right now so as the skills grow the game library will grow too. enjoy the eye candy.


Small puzzle

Its not very challenging but it should be a game and is good for perverts... just like you

Good game

The game is nice and the cards look good, but the score page really sucks.
Also a little (chilling) music in the background would be nice.

pretty boring

while it was good to make it capable to reset, it is still boring
its an easy game that few if any people will be excited to play
this could be a possible mini-game for something much much larger, but other than that its no good

it needs more options
fewer or a larger number of tiles
it could also use a timer, so that not only are you solving it, you can compete with yourself to do it faster and faster, perhaps getting better each time

there also is a delay when you click a tile, this delay could cause a problem with the timer, try to remove that delay
also, you dont have to click on the tile for it to uincover it if is around the rim, try to make it where only clicking on the tile images surface would filp it

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1.48 / 5.00

May 29, 2009
1:57 PM EDT
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