BMX Flyer

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Should probably mention how to play then! My second n00b-up.

Up Arrow : Jump
Down : Drop-in to dip (you'll leave automatically)
Forward : Wheelie
Back : Kick Dirt

I loved this game when I was about 9 :)

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Just grabbing my credit

I was a bit surprised to see this game here, especially since I did all the graphics and audio for it as well as a lot of gameplay testing. George, this isn't a solo effort man, you did this with me and some help from BillytheRobot. Please, give credit where it's due.

williamHooligan responds:

This was added long before you created a Newgrounds account.
I'm also sure that you were credited when this was added, Billy too.

Love it.

I remember some years ago i played it. It brings memories.
But anyways, good game.

Awesome! Best for those who remember these games!

Excellent recreation of old hand held Tiger-brand-like games from back in the early 90's.

The attention to detail used is impressive. Using unlit icons to decorate the screen combined with the sharp annoying music that even includes a classic "mute" button really brings me back to dumping hours into games like this.

As for the complaints over proper or more instruction, I don't think they are merited considering the goal of this retro game. These games never had any instructions back in the day. The only thing you had was the button layout and trial-and-error to figure out how to actually PLAY the game. It was a challenge that I found exciting (though frustrating) but ultimately rewarding. This sense of frustration, accomplishment, and mystery is just lost on new generations of gamers.

In my opinion, the fact that you've managed to recreate that retro sense of frustration in figuring the controls out brings you a well deserved higher score rather than a lower one.

Bonus points for including a mute button too.

I would definitely enjoy seeing you make more games like this!

OLD Skool

I'm a sucker for these old time games. I remember playing similar games as a kid. As for peoples complaints about the instructions I figured it out myself pretty easily. Up is jump, forward does a wheelie, you press down to go down the hills and up to go up the hills and back shoots dust behind you. Great job! I love it!

Very faithful

Amazingly replicated! This takes me way back. I think I had a batman one of these.

Anyway, I love your design with the not lit up icons/pictures. Very thoughtful of you to make those just visible.

Sounds are exactly what I'd expect from a game of this type, so once again, very well replicated. However, they are a bit sharp or terse.

I was confused with the gameplay. I don't really know what to do on the valleys or how to get the helicopter to stop shooting me or how to avoid other bikers.

That's ok though. I still loved the nostalgia.

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3.50 / 5.00

May 29, 2009
10:30 AM EDT
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