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Well, finally launched my game after three moths of vigorous production process. Originally I wanted it to post in the 'power of 3' contest of newgrounds but I myself got all the things done without including anybody. So this game is officially launched by me. I am at least satisfied with the result of it.

About the game: The game is bit easy at the beginning but soon get tougher and tougher towards the end. Unlike all platformers, this game is different in the sense that you will be allowed to play with three different characters with complete different abilities to reach the flag for completing each level. The basic control of the game is to run and jump. The player will need to tap the keys as faster and at the right time to dodge obstacles and jump over the other platforms. This game will hardly keep your keyboard alive. It's a keyboard smasher game.


P.S. - Sorry for the big size(9.7mb).

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Hey, six for effort.

It wasn't bad. The hitCollision was a little off in parts, especially when traveling at a terminal velocity towards a moving platform. I fell through moving platforms several times. Now, as for the levels. This felt like the original arcade version Donkey Kong, only without the sense of urgency and intrigue.

First thing that caused it to lose points, the storyline was half-assed, but instead of leaving us shrouded in mystery for just a single level, we get a whole plot synopsis of what exactly you're doing. Going to kill your Creator. Cool premise, but it should have been developed with vCam and an expansive world, not these dots and cannons, elements we've all seen before.

For a platform game to make it now, you have to have more than just a solid engine and some bad guys. For instance, take a look at Coma and K.O.L.M. and Endeavor while you're at it, just to name a few. These are the latest that have inspired me to make my own game. They employ storytelling techniques built around a platforming architecture. The experience feels more enriching, to say the least.

I don't mean for this to sound snooty or at all condescending. It has taken me WEEKS to even find a suitable engine to manipulate, as well as develop a plot that really drives certain ingame concepts.

But I encourage you to keep it up. The fact that you made a working Flash game is a feat in and of itself. Now just try to take it up a few more notches.

Review >

I wasn't interested, I spent some minute on it, and I feel I could reply, I WILL get negative reply's or w/e but, honestly, the graphics are bland and the controls and so forth, I found no interest in it, no detail or nothing, and ya say to people to wait and check out how cool the other levels are...people are gonna want to see that...if the game is interesting in general...not wait for the good part. Ya need to take more time on a game, and think into it more, I mean it's a fast paced game...what's there to enjoy? Work with the game slowly, to make a great game everyone could enjoy. You can do it, honest to goodness answer, this is a totally kind review man, people review games, so, I'm just saying, not into this game, but keep trying :)

i played cuz i saw that my song was in it

but the jumps in level 3 are nearly impossible due to the fact that 1) the jump function is messed up and 2) the gaps are to big and no elevation can be reached to complete it anyway. i didnt get to hear my song and frankly, i dont care anymore

Thanks for using 1 of my songs

I am truly honored for someone too use my song in their game. The game is very good too. ill give it 5/5 and a 10/10

Sandyloisa responds:

Good for both of us.

Nice idea, but - that's about it.

I have to admit I got bored at level 2, so it might get better later, but... to the point.

This reminds me of games made with Click and Play. Graphics are simple, art itself ain't bad but I felt lack of effort in animation. Level build reminds me of something made by a little kid.
Suits the game's simplicity, but - not bad, but not good either.
Too simple, doesn't reward player at all. It's pain to just to push your arrow keys and character moves - - - - - -. If you miss a jump, you have to start over. Doesn't feel challenging, more like annoying since there's no fun to play.
I used to make games like this when I was 10-or-something, so this was a little nostalgic. Probably fun to show your younger friends or siblings, but not really worth wasting time.
Game feels unfinished. You should focus more on details and instead filling everything in one screen think more about level design. Go play some Marios to see what controlling platform-character should be, or Knytt to realize how simple art and gameplay can be beautiful or N Game how to make players to try again and again though they fail.

Sorry for rather harsh review, but I just said my honest opinion. Your idea has potential. Improve yourself and make better games next time, don't give up!

Sandyloisa responds:

U actually are one of those who can't wait the best part of the game to come. The best levels and boss level was just after the 2nd level. The first two levels are for kids. Hop you can beat the full game.