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Paper's edge

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Author Comments

This has been in the making for a long time ( a little too long, school stinks) anyway, im not sure what made me want to do this, i just wanted to try something new! There is a lot in here that you may not catch, some of the graffiti and different pictures that i drew didnt make it in, or are just too small to see. I also had a video in the beginning of me making the flipbook that was like 30 seconds long, but the file size was too big so i had to cut that out. I may make a simplified version for youtube, and maybe an extras video of things you may have missed, but only if you guys are that curious! Thanks for watching!

P.S. i also had to lower the quality on the first half :( ill definitley submit an HD one to youtube! stay patient!

P.P.S. i am thrilled with the feedback on this! i'd also like to hear some ideas on how to improve it and maybe what could be included in a (possible) sequel! I THANK YOU ALL AND I THANK GOD.

P.P.P.S (this is getting old real fast) HQ version on youtube and the extras are up too! also, number 2 will be released...not sure when, but work will begin over the summer. be patient and thank you so much for my first reward and recignition...i have much to learn, but 3rd place at thirteen? that's something i DID NOT think was going to happen when i made my first animation!

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=QNEV_YXocHc

P.P.P.P.S (huhhhh.......too many Ps) HOLY FRIK! treasure hunt?!?!?! I thought Paper's Edges's legacy was over. Thank you so much Tom! and btw, i was conflicted whether or not to make a sequel... but this has totally change my mind. get ready for some an intense cop chase (or pink police) in #2. Thank you NG. :) :) :)


NOTE: youtube link not working. just go to my userpage at

http://www.youtube.com/us er/stickbob123

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This is excellent.

Really. I don't see a lot of stop motion anywhere that's any good, but this is just great. I admire that you have the dedication and patience to do this whole thing 'cause I really wouldn't. Definitely a 10. Keep up the good work.


You don't see many stop-motion subbmisions on newgrounds.
It's a shame really. ^-^


Good job dude! It really is hard to draw the same stickman over and over and over again (even from 1 paper to the other!).
I really liked how the stickman left his previous outlines behind him!


That's dedication right there- to draw the same stickman over and over and over again. I'll admit, i could see the eraser smudges very clearly, but other then that it was a great stop motion video. Keep it up!

stickbob123 responds:

Thanks dude! and i will keep it up in numba 2 (which production HAS started on.)