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Domino is desperate to solve a gunning conunderum!

This isn't a LOCKDAY flash. I drew everything in MSpaint and transfered into flash, because I cannot draw in flash.

Rate fairly, don't just 0 because its a lock animation. :)


that was radical

good job broski

Lol, nice.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I love the animated loading screen. Great quality artwork and smooth animation.

The flash itself also had great artwork. The only complaint that I had was that there really wasn't any animation to speak of. I think you should of included animation that represented them breathing or the little icon that is commonly used to show which one is talking at least. Simple stuff like that would have been enough to greatly improve the score of the submission. Perhaps color for the characters would have made it look a little better too.

~ Story/Content ~

I was wondering where this was going. It may have seemed a bit boring, but I think that was mainly because of the lack of animation and not so much the lack of content. It had a nice funny twist at the very end of the submission. Enough to make me laugh a little bit. You did a good job with the long drawn out zoom at the end to add to the humor.

~ Audio ~

I like that there was a mute button on the menu, but I didn't like that you couldn't start playing the music again after you muted it. It would be nice if the mute button worked both ways.

I really didn't like the audio that you used in the submission. The song sounded ok, but there was too much time between where it looped. I think you needed to make it so it was a consistent loop with no space in between or picked another song that was already like that.

~ Overall ~

Needed a few basic things, but good art work and humor.

i really liked this flash movie

i enjoyed it good


That was actually quite funny, I loved the art style you used.
5'd and 10'd!!

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Credits & Info

2.55 / 5.00

May 27, 2009
5:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody