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Shanx Vx Wanna-Be

rated 2.80 / 5 stars
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May 25, 2009 | 7:42 PM EDT

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Author Comments

first practice session since my introduction to Shanx.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Looks sweet.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Even though it's stick figures you did a really good job on it all around. Smoothly drawn and neatly drawn figures and also very smooth animation all around. There isn't anything to critique here at all.

~ Story/Content ~

Really no story or plot except for a couple of sticks fighting over something. Perhaps a little introduction so we know why they are fighting and a little background story on both of the characters would have made this a little better. You know us picky viewers :P we like to know why people are beating the shit out of each other.

~ Audio ~

The music that you picked worked really well with the animation and you did a great job syncing the audio up. You also did a good job with sound effects.

~ Overall ~

In my opinion the only thing lacking from this submission was any sort of plot or reason for fighting. Without a reason or anything like that then it's just your generic stick fight with good graphics.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


Relatively short fight scene. You have some pretty slick animation moves there. As horribly unoriginal as this is, I'm not marking you down for that because come on... if we bashed every stick fight movie on NG that would be ALOT of submissions.

However, your fight was very undeveloped and terribly one sided. I don't know if you meant it to be that way, but it's not much fun watching 1 character just smashing the other to pulp. That's not much of a fight in my opinion. At least let the poor green guy fight back a little. He grabbed his sword and pretty much lost it immediately.

And what's the deal with the sudden disappearance of the background? You started off with a simple blue and black outline, but then it just disappeared. At least maintain the simple background a little bit rather than just animating across a grey screen. It completely loses the sense of depth and distance and just kills a fight scene flash in my opinion.

Work on developing the fight. What makes a good fight movie is seeing 2 sides of equal ability whooping the crap out of each other, and then one side tipping the scales to win.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Unoriginal but entertaining

I enjoyed the most part of it. It could have been a little longer and things like this have been done before, but the fighting moves were pretty sweet. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


...actually liked it!
Not usually one for sticks, but it was decent.
Just wish you used thinner brushes for the tentacle/tendril type things.
Other than that, decent.