EEnE Z Episode 2

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UPDATE: (8/8/09) EEnE Z Episode 3 is up! It's not as long as this one, but it advances the plot further down the road I set it to go. http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/506505

UPDATE (5/24/09): I added the music. It may not all have been what I wanted to use, but I had to make do with what I have. It's better than a musicless Flash though, right?

Yeah, the second episode of EEnE Z is up, but...It lacks music. Why no music? Well, I tried to do it normally, and it was over 15 MB, and when I put it on stream, it was 3.3 MB, which is good, but every time our heroes would stop and talk (which happens often in this episode), the music would stop cold. So, if anyone could help me out, I will update this episode with real music. Note that help does not constitute as "TAKE THIS SH!T DOWN, N00B, YOU FAG FOR RIPPING OFF DBZ," etc.

By the way, the music I'd like to use is Falconer's music if possible, but I'll also take up Sonic music. If anyone could help me with putting in music and not increasing the filesize by a ridiculous amount, I'll be grateful.

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I love it


Just meh... It kinda sucked. Sorry. The plot had several flaws.

Why did Goku just show up all of a sudden? Why did the professors decide to split up? Why didn't you actually animate their training session? Sorry, but the fact that when action should've come during that training part, you just put text. And Goku just shows up, says, "You can meditate and use kaioken." Then he leaves without another word. It doesn't even explain how he lived? And speaking of which why didn't he get out with Corey after he gave him the senzu bean? Speaking of which, how did he know Corey was there? Or who he was? Or that he needed help? And why is Goku just thrown in there without any buildup, introduction, or anything? You should've put him as one of the three people in the flashback with Corey, Drew, and Zach. Then he would know all of the above mentioned questions, and then it would've made more sense to save him. You really need to work on your storytelling elements. Other than that, it was... well, meh. Work on, well, everything.


If memory serves, the Eds could have just forgone the training entirely and used the thingamajig itself. It probably would have spat out a "kill androids" button or something.

Honestly, the dialog is horrifically schmaltzy (except for Ed's, of course - it's like his lines from the show were made for this sort of thing), but the overall plot is fairly interesting, and of course, combining someone as un-badass as the Eds with DBZ is worth following. Overall, I like it.

vageta what does the scouter say about the gang's

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!


It was alright,

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May 23, 2009
7:04 PM EDT
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