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Marcus Peblo 0 JOTF

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Author Comments

Episode 0 to the Marcus Peblo saga!?!
This one is for the people who like the series. IF YOU NEVER WATCHED AN EPISODE, PLEASE VEIW NUMBER ONE FIRST!!

One day you might find that you've missed out on not seeing the beginning!


I am SO confused... And confused!!

PLease explain what I just watched, that would be very nice. Also, What did I just watch? Why was that that? HOw and Why?CONFUSED? I want answers, and some answers to these questions would be nice? BEE bOO? Is the sireis going to be that wierd? And if so what accomodation arrangements do you make at the local asylum for those who come down with major mental psychosis or elevated schitosphrenia?

What ?? I gave this a 10?


Heres my take on the whole series. Marcus and his cousin are two children with the potential to tip the war of good and evil in favor of good permanantly. to do so they must free the god's kid. but they are captured and killed befor they can do so. This final episode is saying that even though they failed more like them will come until good has won.

What do you think?

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What a Remarkable Series

Wow I can remember the first time I saw Marcus Peblo. At first it didn't make any sense to me, honestly.

Usually things of the mystical sort appeal to me, but I hadn't expected it from a Newgrounds cartoon. I was taken back when I started watching more of the series. I'll admit, the first thing that attracted me, since I didn't quite comprehend "what the hell was going on", was the music. Beautifully well done, I should add.

I decided to rank the series on a whole so far, and I must admit, I'm giving the time to actually write a review for the series. I'm impressed with it, and I wish I had something to tell you to work on with the series, but my only real advice would be to let the store flow, don't stop the series for anything until the end. This one is worth waiting for.

And I had no idea you were from NYC as well :) I guess you can kinda tell in the style of your art, which also, impresses me.

I guess what I'm most impressed with is your style of this flash animation in general. I liked the T&H 2000, which at first I couldn't believe was made by you, but does resemble your work. It's good to stay diverse, but let this boy with a destiny in fact become the man with a mission.

Whatever you do, don't lose the music, it would severely hurt the series.

::Light bulb:: Oh I just thought of something. I noticed how there isn't really any fighting in this series, though there's a hint of it when Kawala comes around. I just wanted to add, that if you do add more violence, don't stray from the style of the series. As in the 2nd one I believe, where he smashed the bat, keep the violence and gore tame, though I doubt you'd keep it anything but tame. I just wanted to mention how I was a little tiny tiny bit disappointed in how easily Marcus got his butt whooped :) I figured with that newfound "power" of fire he had within him, I figured he'd be able to handle more. Hopefully with Kawala in the picture now, there should at least be some decent Yin/Yang motion going on (meaning back to forth between good and evil) when a fight does arise.

I'll shut up now, but I gave the violence a high ranking because you had used it tastefully and had done a fine job with the kind of violence you put in the series.

Keep up the good work, oh and stock up on Knishes and Pretzels from the vendors, they might add to your creativity :)


Hey,I went to your website and loved the new design and treats. The "Adventures of Marcus Peblo" is coming, NO? Thanks for creating stuff
that's fresh and original here at newgrounds.
Tons of imagination and music that's magical. Hurry with the DVD!!!!!! Oh, and bring back Cleopadra and Merlin.

visually one of the most amazing flashes ever

i love it dude... i think zero is better than part one.

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2002
9:20 PM EDT
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