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for my college assignment i had to create a basic flash game that worked.
it is very basic and pointless i know and i am also aware that if you replay the game the music doubles itself so if you replayed the game 5 times (unlikely) there would be 5 soundtracks playing at once.
major glitch.

if people could give me reviews i would be grateful

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not the best after a while it´s pretty boring

JustHannah responds:

yea i get bored after the first try. there should be a 'quit' button i think.

Not bad.

It was ok. It was a little boring seeing as you could never win or lose.I f you make a sequal or something like that, add some more variety. Like enemies, more kinds of eggs, maybe a high score tracker. And be sure to remove glitches BEFORE you submit.The art was ok, the sound track mixed in well, so I gotta say, good job.

JustHannah responds:

well thank you. i agree with what you said. it did only have to be a working game. nothing overly flash or anything like that. i cant even begin to understand actionscript. i wihi had had longer to learn it

It was alright.

Your game was alright, if moving left and right really fast, eggs will fall through the basket. Graphics were nice. Send the play again button to the start. With a STOP ALL SOUNDS command sitting there.

JustHannah responds:

thank you for the comment and the score.
yea there were quite a lot of things wrong with it and things i should have put it


The music loop definitely was a big downside, but I have trouble with that all the time. And also, dont mind Eloquentlunatic42, he's a sarcastic jerk. For effort, I'm gonna have to give you.... A 0...
NO JKING I GIVE U 9! It was a great effort. Coding and animation better than I could ever have done.

JustHannah responds:

well thank you very much.
i dont really take any notice of peoples stupid sarcastic remarks. they dont bother me in the slightest
thank you for the score


So boring!
I almost fell asleep =.=;

JustHannah responds:

well you didnt have to play it.
it bores me and i was the one who made the game

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May 22, 2009
5:56 AM EDT
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