Super PSTW Action RPG

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Update: Daily 3rd and Frontpage, thanks a bunch Newgrounds, you guys rule! After reading reviews I decided to make the game a bit easier since a lot of people were finding it too hard. If you're still stuck on the last boss, it's probably because you forgot to upgrade your HP. Don't go rushing in there with 25 HP, he'll just kill you in two hits.


After several weeks of work, my latest game is finally done! The kingdom of Arcurie is in peril, will you be able to save it from the forces of darkness? Super PSTW Action RPG is sure to blow your socks off with its revolutionary, yet streamlined gameplay! Feel free to jump right in, all controls are listed in game!

Game Features:

Dynamic Real Time Combat - Jump, slash, and block enemy attacks
Upgradeable Stats - Personalize your character any way you want
Magic spells - Unlease power elemental forces to lay waste to your foes
Shops to purchase additional items and gear to help your quest
Three diabolical bosses to really test your skills
Dramatic cinemas with full voice acting by industry profesionals
11 dramatic orchestral tunes from the fine folks over at the audio portal

Enjoy and please review! I'll try to respond to as many reviews as possible!


Edit 2: The song in the desert is called "Entering the Stronghold" by Danman87. It used to be in the audio portal, but was removed. You can get the new version here: http://danman87.newgrounds.com/news/post/513161



cheesey and lazy parody, almost funy at first and then boring. protip:just hold the spacebar for fun times

Engaging plot, difficult yet satisfying gameplay, wonderful graphics, and god-tier voice acting all make this one of the best RPG's released yet. I especially loved the little homage to the legendary RPG FFVII during the final boss fight.
All in all, 10/10. This game deserves to be up there with the greats and will surely go down in history as such.

Ok, this was cool. I totally get it, its super funny, and that voice acting isent too bad. However, it was a bit laggy, and i have a pretty strong computer so i took half a point off. Also game was too "esay..." if you got that referance right there gratz. Also for those wanting to know why your character suddenly gets a massive boost of power at the end.....anime logic.

Yeah ! What a challenging game ! I thought for certain I would need to learn more skills to play it, but PHEW ! Just made it ! 5-stars all the way !

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4.33 / 5.00

May 18, 2009
4:41 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG