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Save the Smokers

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Save the smokers by throwing the cigaretts away! Drag the cigaretts to the trash!

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Pretty Fun

Its Pretty Fun, it gets boring after a while. But, for a Promotional Game, its pretty awesome.

we need

We need more people like you!

SQUARES (Cigarrettes) SUCK


(but weed is what you need =]


Im'a light up just for you =D

Simple, but poorly executed.

The concept was *good*. After all, saving smokers from their untimely demise at the hands of a dying lung is a noble goal, however, your execution of the idea left a lot to be desired.

Firstly, for getting the idea across, the art was well enough, but it could have used some refinement.

Secondly, the simple concept of drawing the cigars away and dumping them into a trash can could have been implemented better, seeing that taking the cigar didn't stop it from continuing the movement motion of the skater as he went on his merry smoke-filled way. Besides that, even dumping the cigar did not exactly register every time, causing the cigar to appear back on the smoker's mouth or even to dissapear completely since it's smoker had already left the screen, with no point gain, and therefore wasting precious time.

Speaking of time, a 60 second time limit, while somewhat standard, is harsh on this game because of the aforementioned flaws. It is not necesary to increase the time limit (but it would help a bit), but you'll have to correct the recognition of the dumping motion of the cigar in the game if you don't want the time limit in cooperation of the error to bring this game down.

Overral, overlooked flaws brought it down, but fixing that should help. Average.

Save the smoker!

It's looks like a cliché that every skaterboarder is a smoker in your game :D
At least it's a minigame with one mode and just clicking and draging cigs.
The design isn't that crappy at all. But some varies with the smoker would be better. But I think you used skateboarder 'cause this way you don't need any animation to let them "go"
More working process in this game would be cool. For example there's something else like cigaretts in there mouth.
And hey.. thumb up for this virtuell saveaction :D