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FA Crew Collab

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Through all of our efforts and time we've come to the conclusion that it is best to show what we have for this and start a new. Meaning, this collab is incomplete. Yet, it is still a join to view. So, without further a due...

This project was started last year with the original animation crew over at fluidanims.com. The project had a really great start. Things started to get a little out of hand and un-organized.

One file, 9 animators.


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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only oen who kinda misses these good old stick figure fights.
God they were fluid and amazing to watch. Mostly had to watch them multilpe times to catch all the action.

And this collab is amazing by itself as well, still worth all the effort imo! :D

Still great

The only thing I did not like was how there could have been a background. While it was never finished, it's still great to watch because it's so amazingly flashy. I guess it makes sense that a flash would be "flashy", eh? Okay, what was really cool about this collab was I think it was the first one I ever saw that had characters drawn by different people fight each other. That's a great original idea that I wish would have been utilized further! You guys look like you got pretty close to finishing it.

I suppose if you do not complete something, you might as well have most of it done to see. It was just great to see all this crazy stuff going on. I think my favorite guy would have to be the green one who threw black balls out of his mouth or something. I wish I could remember the names of everyone involved. It's still a tribute to talented animators like you guys.


Even incompleted, this is another awesome collaborative stick battle. It's good to see Terantula and FL in the same vid again, and F4Zero's character is soooo funny :)

The style! The variety!

Loved it for those reasons!

i like the flash

i like the terkoiz1 scene and Killerkb scene