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Smaller paddles so now it's possible to win >_>

Pong engine I started yesterday, finished today. Includes one/two player. Controls:
Player One: Up and Down
Player Two: W and S
If you want the engine, just PM me.

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the only thing is i have to agree with what is below me and also the ball glitched on me as well

Only a few things.

Hey, I think over all this is a good engine for the classic game of Pong and its very much alike the original, my only main concersn with this would be the fact that the paddles move quite slowly and sometimes I couldn't reach the ball in time unless I planned ahead or guessed where it was going to go to. Maybe either speeding them up just a little bit and possibly adding mouse control over the paddles would be a nice option? The only problem I think then would be that it might be too easy, but that may be good for people who (not trying to be too offensive here) are so stupidly bad at the game need an easier option of playing. The only other thing would be that at one moment (I'm really unlucky >.<) I hit the ball past the enemy paddle and it still bounced back at me, it wasn't too far from him but it definetly went past! Could possibly be a thing to look at? Anyway, nice concept of it and I hope you could make something more fun and origonal out of it, that would be a good start to success!

Look over those points I've mentioned and see if you get any luck making them better, then maybe change it from Pong to one of your own origonal games and make it really catchy and addictive to play.

Good job on this, but you'll be lucky if it gets past submission with it just being a simple engine, if it does though, you definetly deserve it because I think you could make something really good out of the engine and I really hope that you choose to.

}{B34T1N}{ - Good luck!

good ole pong...plain ole pong

pong really isnt that special at least not the original anymore. 2 issues i had 1 the ball glitched inside the little pong racket and 2 the ball slowed down when i hid it but sped up when player 2 hit it and maybe 3 the rackets a lil slo

Super-Yombario responds:

1. Hmm, I've never had that problem... but I can probably fix it
2. It stays the same speed when you hit it, otherwise the ball would never go any faster
3. It is working faster since I made the paddles smaller


this was fun! who agree


The pong engine you create is pretty good, must have taken awhile to create that. though try to add music and sound effects to make it really interesting.

Super-Yombario responds:

It really only took about an hour, total. I was just thinking about sound effects, too.

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May 13, 2009
10:34 AM EDT
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