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Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!



its to hard to under stand the game i just did'nt get in to that much

too deep for me...

I don't get it... i didn't enjoy playing this game very much...

Nice try, but you failed.

After playing this game, I felt the way I always do when my dog crapped in my living room. It's a F*ckin waste of time. You should stop making "deep" games. Sure, you can create games that brings over a message and makes people think, but at least it has to be a good game, and not a boring one. And to all the guys commenting before. Stop writing more of the same 'It perfectly displays the reality' crap. That may be, but then you can also watch a TV show with Simon Cowell. Well anyway, the concept of the game is good though, but that's about it.

It tried way too hard

Graphically this game was clean but certainly nothing special. I feel like they were trying way to hard to be "deep" though. The main character reminded me of a high school kid who feels the need to be different than everyone else rather than actually having any opinions of his own. I think we're supposed to see him as an intelligent hero who's trying to make the world a better place, but he comes off as an immature child, blindly "going against the flow" just so that he can feel special.


OK, that's nice you want to get a message across, but this is just boring. The mini game for talking is easy and repetitive, and... well, that's all there is.

Make something actually fun

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4.22 / 5.00

May 11, 2009
5:00 PM EDT
Skill - Other

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