A Fire Emblem Short 1

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Just letting everyone know that this is my first flash so it may be messy or broken at times... or maybe i used an inncorrect sprite, but cut me some slack. I will say that this may not be TOO Fire Emblem relevant but Im putting this out so that newgrounds can have more Fire Emblem flash content. (and because its my first submitted flash) so enjoy!

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Hey did you know that most of this is from the first fire emblem.He was on episode 2 dont know the chapter but i know that its probly near the last chapter for that episode


This is a good flash for a first timer. The music wasn't all that great. I laughed a few times during the flash. The guards were the best part. Hopefully you keep on flashing so you can get better and better at it. Good luck on future flashes my friend.

not bad at all

If you're looking for a little constructive criticism, I've got some tips for ya. First off, the animations were great for your first flash. The battle sequences were really well done, and the way the enemies flew off once defeated was my first hint that this was going to be comical in nature. I definately can relate to the sense of humor in this clip, the tone of the jokes made it rather funny.

The dialog needed work though. For instance, after the castle was taken, and the soldiers decided to go get lunch, it was funny but their lines were predictable. As soon as one soldier said "Oh well" and another said "What now?" I was expecting something along the lines of 'let's go get a pizza' or let's get wasted.' 'Let's go get lunch' was, therefore not very surprising, and also not quite as funny or witty as it could have been.

I can't tell you what you should have done instead, that's something only you can figure out, but you just have to keep in mind the mentality of the person watching. Making people laugh, cry, get scared, or any kind of involving emotion is really all about the psychology. You have to get inside your target audience's minds.

Also, as stated before, grammar is important when all the dialog is text. Watch your "there" "they're" and their", and "your" and "you're" and make sure you use the correct conjugation for the subject matter. Also watch the punctuation. A lot of things in your animation needed question marks when they only had exclaimation points. In a comical writing like this, it's perfectly acceptable to put those two different punctuations next to each other to portray an emphasized or flustered question.

is OK

Its not bad for you 1st. there should be a bit more action tho 7.5 but ill give you an8 kuz this s ur 1st

Grammar is your friend.

I give this a 4 for the good work with Eliwood during the fight, and some pretty good jokes. However, spelgn erorrs n gramr problms r a rl prbolme. Fix it, and you'll do fine.

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3.81 / 5.00

May 9, 2009
5:01 PM EDT
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