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~~Hi! We (Mindless Labs) are proud to announce our newest game RepliCat, which gives a new twist for time and space manipulation. If you wonder about the name, it is the combination of the inspiring games Time4Cat (MegaDev) and Replica (Macco).

Thanks for alextheDJ for the great music!~~

~~Update: Daily 4th! Thanks you for all the votes guys!~~

Description: Avoid your past with your space ship while Time and Space are linked together!

Instructions: Avoid replicas (who move when you move) and space obstacles, collecting planets as quickly as possible. Use your Mouse to move.

Tags: puzzle arcade reflex replicat time space

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I admit that I was disappointed by the title of this. I thought it would be about creating cats! Anyway, this is still a great game! It's mostly because it's unlike anything I've played before. I didn't even know how to avoid the other ships. I think it was mostly luck.

It was nice to be able to move around like that. The idea of collecting planets is awesome. It's a pity this isn't popular. It's certainly different than a lot of stuff I've played. The music is fine too.

teh schweetness

this is awsome a lil difficult at first but its a great game u should definitly make a second one

Pretty good

Actually i liked the game relly much cause it gets really challenging after the first few rounds. You always have to decide whether it is save to move quickly to the next plane directlyt to get the maximum of points or if one of your replicates might cross your way. Especially when you are close to the number of points you need to finish the level and there are like 100000 replicates flying aroound but you only need one good planet to win it is really funny to play. Chaoz Fantasy matched the space ambiance very good and it is a kick ass song anyway so the music was really nice and the graphics were decently.

The only thing that kinda annoyed me was, that you didn't really have the time to read the text messages during the game because to pause would mean to lose points and you wouldn't want that to happen! Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal but since they explain the game and they are the only thing that explains you what is going on it was kind of a problem for me to see why suddenly some of the replicates disapeared.

Anyway pretty good game so 4/5 and 9/10

mindlesslabs responds:

Thanks! We'll keep that in mind.

I liked it..

its all right to talk about a mind trip...


Certainly the most advanced game of Snake I've ever played. I realize that's not what you were basing the game off of, but that's what it felt like once I rescued Stellah. Suddenly, I had a tail and I was collecting objects before they disappeared while avoiding objects. The only thing I didn't have to avoid was my own tail.

Overall, the game was alright, but I image it would have been a lot better, had my computer let me play it properly. =\

mindlesslabs responds:

Thanks! In fact, if you check "Replica" from Macco / jgames, it will be even more sneaky. Also, press the T button ingame to decrease quality if you experience lag.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 9, 2009
3:48 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 10, 2009