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Snake Forest

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A Snake game with the song Symphony of destruction, Megadeth


Shawtay Was a One

Snake is one of my favorite games of all time; It's up there with Street Fighter and COD4. But when people post slop like this, no walls and no decent back ground, it makes me sad. I don't care if you use bright black and white, don't just copt out at the last second. I know you can make something better than this.

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not very good...

Snake is a cool game and you just ruined it. The background is not a forest, just Microsoft paint come on man.

Not a finished project

A loader would have been great and better programming, put much more effort into it

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ian502 responds:

i can´t do very much because i´m new to this of flash programming


It seemed to be interesting at first, but it soon became much too slow. In most snake games, you "die" if you crash into a wall. However, in Snake Forest, you simply teleport to the other side of the screen. Not only is this the exact opposite of the Snake idea, it makes the gameplay extremely long and tedious.

I realize that, eventually, you become long enough that it becomes more and more difficult to avoid your tail. However, without having to worry about any walls, the pressure goes _way_ down. A player can very easily just teleport to the other edge, turn, etc, etc, etc, until they get to where they want to go. If played correctly (no pun intended), the chance of death is almost nil.

Perhaps you could make the speed increase more drastically. Also, you might make it so that there is health and the meter drops if you don't get food in time. I haven't seen this in any Snake game, and I think it would make a _wonderful_ and _welcome_ change to the classic Snake. Also, it would make it less appealing to run away from yourself to line up the perfect shot -- you'd have to go for it ASAP! Finally, add in some trees that you need to avoid. This would add to the stress by making us avoid both our tail and random trees as well. It is, after all, a forest!

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I like Snake

That helped you... but there's no score, no screen limits, no "Start" or "Play Again" buttons and the background was kinda lame.

Ok, there's metal music, but you need to work harder next time you submit a game.

Keep working

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1.43 / 5.00

May 5, 2009
10:00 PM EDT
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