EFN Episode 3: Purpose

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EFN: Episode 3 - Purpose

Running time: 11:30 Mins approx

*Fixed a BG and the 'White line' things*

Comic in the preloader to explain what happened to brother last episode. (If you didn't watch till teh end of the credits last episode then...silly you!)

Contains scenes of extreme violence

WATCH after the credits, many people didn't last time; it is important that you do this time~

This flash is graphicly intensive, use the quality thingy at the top to adjust it at any time

If Buttons do not work tell meh!

*Please note this flash is best viewed with the latest flash player and in Firefox browser*

Well now, i'll have to be honest, i totally lost all will to work on this about half way through as more important things demanded my attention, but i told myself i would get this done for :devkalkie:'s sake. I'm 100% proud of this, but what can you do?

I've tried to improve in the areas from last round, alot more FBF (oh GOD why) but still some tween abuse lingers.

Again, a big hand goes out to my voice actors, you guys again did a stellar job.

And also, <b>MASSIVE</b> apologies to :devkalkie: for the extreme treatment i gave Ysef and the possible poor charactisation, though i hope you enjoy it at least... *Hangs head*

Music used is credited at the end of the Flash.


Black Ace is INSANE

I love it. This is surely a triumph in flash. Animation was crazy fluid, voice acting was beautiful, and I just love the different personalities and characters. They all seem to have an interesting backstory (which will, hopefully, be explored.) I like everything about EFN. Looking forward to more.

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What ARE little boys made of?

I came x]

Great indeed

But i have seen your other works, and you haven't finished any of them. So, my question is: Will you continue with this series to the end or you'll also let it unfinished?

This is nice

I'm not a huge fan of battle anime, but this was good.


Apologies in advance for jumping into this series in the 3rd installment (I'll get to the others, promise). This was great in nearly every aspect, the animation was fluid, the voice acting was incredible, etcetera, etcetera. Rarely does something on Newgrounds provoke some real emotion in me, this surely did: "What are little boys made of?" I really appreciate the contrast of characters.


The only thing that was par was the music. It didn't add/subtract anything to/from the work.

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4.42 / 5.00

May 5, 2009
8:48 PM EDT