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Run, Darnell, Run!

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It's been a while since I submitted a proper cartoon.

This took me quite some time to complete.

Hope you enjoy.


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That was awesome! The animation was great, and I really loved the energy and concept!
The music fit extremely well, and you managed to mix classic Newgrounds humor with awesome action. The KKK butterfly was really funny. I liked the stupid misadventures of horny Pico and Nene and the map part with the ship's trail was brilliant. That ending action scene was super satisfying because of the flowy animation and gore.
Overall a really cool tribute to Pico and gang, it had a neat aesthetic and used multiple types of humor. My only complaint would be that maybe the random "Pico is horny" humor might have taken up too much time, though it was certainly.

Fucking love that music

Is The Song Is Chinese Song? And WTF Darnell Didn't Wear Pants?

pico saves the day again

Awesome song awesome animation awesome everything just plain awesome dude
nice fucking job