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Marijuana Stand 3.0

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Never played? Read the in-game instructions under the "help" menu.

Happy 4/20! I know alot of you have been waiting for a LONG time for me to finish this. Well, I worked out the major bugs, added the rest of the dealers and a "high"score list. One kink you gotta watch out for is make sure that you don't click on anything else while in a gun fight or you could end up with the gun out the whole game ;P Hope you enjoy! Some of you guys ended up in the thanks section of the credits, check them out. Peace out, and thanks for all the support,

edit: Yay, front page! Been a while... Thanks guys, you rock. "High" score of 4/20 = Tristan of Australia with a score of $164,481. Congrats Tristan, you beat the maker as well!

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So I smoked some moon rocks before playing this. Radical.

hey tristan i beat your record :) $188,546. good game, definitely need to make a 4th.

badseed1 responds:

There is a lingering discussion about making a 4th. If only I could get in touch with @bassomen
Edit: got in touch with bassomen! now if I could get him out of the dusty Peruvian coal mines where him and his 18 little brothers are slaves to El Chapo and bring him to America! If we can get another 5 star rating, we might be able to hash out a deal for the release of bassomen and his 22 little brothers! But quickly people, ISIS is moving into the territory held by El Chapo and these very coal mines where our beloved artist is held captive, is a prime target for ISIS fighters. We must be swift. We must be sound of mind, and we must be united! Bring bassomen home!

Yo I love the marijuana stand games i've been playing them since the first marijuana stand for this one it's really awesome, you should create a new dealer that sells hash to! that would really help also there should be more items to help gain street cred i bought everything and I can't get anymore street cred if you did all of that stuff i'd be complete, a really awesome game though man

badseed1 responds:

Thanks, good to see people still playing!

street credit

how do u get up ur street credit and this is a great game hope u make another

badseed1 responds:

You can gain street credit by purchasing specific items. Try buying a grow light and a clone to grow.

i get a white space

what can i do to get to play this game.

badseed1 responds:

Stop huffing paint.