Vietnam - Guiles Story

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When I first started making this, i planned to be true to the vietnam war and be a realistic little movie. But I couldn't find any sprites that looked like vietcong so I got lazy and made this piece of crap. I got really lazy and as you'll see none of the enemies fight back and the movie is really short. But i started it, so i had to finish it. Enjoy, or at least try.



Well, i like rock and music from Woodstock'69 is awesome. Also animation of main heroes good.

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Not bad

The animation was pretty solid, but it felt like it could be just a little tighter somehow. Also, the fact that the normal soldiers just stood there and didn't even try to fight back kind of broke the immersion. The music here is really good, as these songs were made specifically in that era to protest the war. Combine that with the realistic background and the fact that Guile just looks like he fits there, and it all plays off each other very well. My only problem with that, though, is that you reused a song. That's a huge no-no because there are few things that break the immersion better than familiarity.

The introduction where he was running was also a little long, and after a while, I almost thought that this was just going to be a loop of him running. The text boxes were also a bit unintuitive. I would have appreciated it if the text appeared instantly, and I had control of when we moved onto the next part of the conversation. All in all, you have some great elements here, so you just need to work on making them all come together.

KillerKandyKorn responds:

Thanks for the review, these are definitley things ill keep in mind in the future, I really meant for this to be a lot better but I'm weak, I can't work on something slowly If i dont get it done within a couple of days I just cant work on it anymore or i leave it alone and pick it back up a year later, i have so self control. hopefully my movies will get better


It's just that it was alfully slow paced. From the story to the action. I liked the concept of makign the movie. But having captain America just walk up to people and then attack made it slow. Wolverine was done a little better though. I would say that if everything had just been faster paced it would have been a lot better.

KillerKandyKorn responds:

Yah orginally i made captain america walk slow and attack stuff because of laziness, I didn't like any of captains americas other attacks,(he has a lot of kicks, for some reason, I dont think i've ever seen him kick someone before) and i didn't feel like dealing with the whole shield bullshit because i din't figure this would be anygood anyway, so as i started animating it I thought it would be bad ass if captain america just walked up to everyone slowly because he's such a badass and hes like a foot taller than everyone, THEN BAM he punches some guys head off... yah...

lmao this is great

although the people never fought back it was funny ad in the end it looked like wolverine was poking his nose but the mvie rocked

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Apr 18, 2009
6:39 PM EDT