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escape text adventure!

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Apr 15, 2009 | 10:17 PM EDT

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very important** you have to press shift instead of enter to make commands!**
for those that don't know, a text adventure is a game where you type your actions instead of using a controller or something. it's sort of a interactive story. this is my first attempt at one and i'm still working out how to make them

if you get stuck and you really want to finish the game (it's not really long) just pm me about how far you've gotten and i'll see what i can do you help you finish it! :P

the instructions are in the game already, but if anyone wants help, just comment below and i'll try to help out! if anyone finds any bugs or typos, please let me know also! thanks! i hope you have fun

there are also some easter eggs in there if you type bad or do silly things :)

please don't rate poorly if you don't like this style of game. rate poorly if you think it's bad, not because of that :P


very important * you have to use SHIFT key instead of enter to make commands!*
just type commands like the game's help says



Rated 0 / 5 stars


It says "there is a door that seems to be the only way out of the room, maybe you should 'open' it."
>>open door
>>with the verb "open", this game does not understand "door".
>>with the verb "open", this game does not understand " "*.
>>You pooped yourself. You should find a way out of the room soon, it is airtight.

That's when i quit. Obviously, the game has THOUSANDS of problems.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Have a full list of commands somewhere...

You need a full list of commands, the ability to scroll through the text.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i love text adventures but...

I love text adventures! Zork, Planetfall, Infidel, the list goes on. And i love that someone else is also into text adventures. Tis a dying breed.

But you have some problems. First of, Flash and AS is a horrible language to make a text adventure in. Try Java, its simple, your games will look a lot like the original Infocom genre of epicness, and you can do a lot more, more easily.

Flash is great for scripted visual games. Keyword: visual. While you can make a game like this in flash, why would you? its like buying a brand new car just because you want to listen to a new radio. ive made quite a few text games in java and it is great and easy sailing. another route you might like is that there are many many text game constructors out on the internet. basically imagine the idiot proof cookie cutter learnability of Frontpage 2003 only with text games, and with some skill (just like in Frontpage) you can actually make something worth playing.

also one last thing, and i think this would also be easier in java, you need to make your verb list a lot longer and better. not because its easy, by no means im sure it would be very tedious for you to add more verbs, but because its the only way youll get people to play this game for this reason: why would i bother to play your text adventure escape game when games like Zork (I, II, III, IV, 0, etc) and Planetfall are epic, have the same gameplay only much much more complex text parsers, and are totally shareware now?
you need to expand vastly or give up on this dying market.

good site you might like btw is: tripleW DOT brasslantern DOT org

thoughtmaker responds:

thanks for the site! seems like a pretty good place to pick up some things for future games. actionscript is all i can program right now (not terribly well, i might add) but if java is so easy, maybe i'll use that as an excuse to begin to learn it hehe :) making this game was more time consuming than i wanted it to be, but i was hoping i'd learn from it and figure out a way to make it much quicker and simpler to program the same thing.

anyways thanks again!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game

i really like these kinds of games and this is one of very few on NG
but what you should do is make a walkthrough or a guide that tells you some key words or something cuz all i know how to do is take the hammer
good game


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this is probaly the first text adventure i have played and it is suprisingly fun. Good choice of colors and it's easy to look around and do stuff. Keep up the good work!

thoughtmaker responds:

thanks! i hope to use what i've learnt from this game to make a much bigger one!