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Hi, so this is a calculator I made using Actionscript 3.0. It is based off the poketch from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I ran into some difficulties with the coding so it's not 100% accurate with the actual one in-game. I included the Pallet town orchestral music by ChEsDeRmAn, a really excellent piece. Lastly, I also included the NG preloader that I made for myself since there are no AS3 preloaders available for download. This is my first submission, so I hope you enjoy!

Ok so I'm taking in all the constructive criticism.


ease up

As a hardcore pokemon fan, i see this as a great first attempt. but pay attention to sugjestion.

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its ok

it works, but u need 2 clear memory first, and plz, give him a break, its his first flash

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KingPhill responds:

Yeah I just realized that I must have messed it up somewhere, because I had it set up where you could either use the previous answer as the first number in your next problem (ie 2 + 5 = 7. then you press - 4 = 3) which still works, but I also thought I had set it up where if you press a number after equals, it clears out the memory and starts entering the new number in... I'll check into it. Thanks for the accurate review :)


there's no button for minus ( like -1, -2)
and no

KingPhill responds:

The poketch doesn't include a negative symbol. It included a decimal but I was unable to code for that with what I knew how to use (parseInt)

Don't see the point.

Don't see the point of the poketch calculator if you don't need pokemon. and when I get the final answer, the pokemon doesn't make the noise as it does in game.

This is just failure, but nice try.

KingPhill responds:

The poketch in-game randomly selects one of the pokemon's cries from the game. How am I supposed to include all those sound bytes and still keep a simple calculator within reasonable size?

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Apr 14, 2009
3:09 PM EDT
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