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A Smashing Day Out

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Quick edit: Yes Marth is a boy and this is a gay dating sim. Don't worry there's no sex, it's all puppy love for you manly straight men. In other words, the yaoi fangirls will be a little disappointed but I hope they laugh anyway.
Nothing cutting edge in the programming department, but I hope everyone enjoys it anyway! This is my first real game besides a little dress up thing I made.

All the music is (c) Nintendo! Here are the songs I used:
Dr. Stewart's Theme - F-Zero GX
Animal Crossing Title theme - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Marth's Theme - Fire Emblem (Character Theme Collection)
The Underworld - Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Wind Waker Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Runaway Five's Final Performance - Earthbound
Onett's Arcade - Earthbound
The End of Pit (Game Over) - Kid Icarus
Game Over - Super Mario Bros.

Oh, and as for my Street Fighter reference, thank you Capcom.

This game (and its music) is brought to you by my friend Niku's fast internet! Enjoy~!

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I went out with Toon Link :3

This game literally made me realize I was gay back in 2009 I kid you not. 12 year old me played this one day over summer break and couldn't fall asleep that night cause suddenly I knew I liked boys.

So thanks for that.

i didnt expect that i can die in this game .. huh

say whaaaaaaaaat

Insanely adorable game. Really loved just about everything in this game, from the branching path system to the uber cute dialogue. Sure the characters are... somewhat outta character, but I think that it works in this game's favor at least lol. Only wished it were slightly longer, but I can't really complain much given just how charming and sweet this experience was. Splendid work!