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Demon Boy: 2(fixed)

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I forgot to add a preloader the first time and I corrected the sound this time. Bloody story of Demon Boy. Pissed off at being born into the world he decided to go on a rampage. This is ten times more violent and better animated than the first one. Body parts get ripped off and eaten! Blood splashes everywhere! Don't let the huge file size scare you away, it's worth the wait! Some of you may like our preloader. I may make an adventure for her as well one day. What do you think she should do? Be sure to check out my home page. There are movie trailers to watch! Live action blood and gore! I have some sick and twisted ideas for the next Demon Boy cartoon. Just wait untill you see the next one!



make it more bloody, chang the cover with blood splattered on every thing every where and fucking chang the whole thing. it was shit. worse than shit. let this one waiste. |:(

Read This !

Okey :) the preloader was my style *hehe* but DOH lisen to the others that flash WAS HUGE it took forever to load and i propably know why.... A question how much megabytes is the sound on ? the animation whitout sound shuld be well about 100 kb
i kno becuse i maked a flash movie myself* blammed....*
its 250 whit sounds... i dint put in some huge motherfucker 2 mb sound file........ :) it wasent woth the waiting...... but cheers !! make a movie about the demon girlie there ;)

Good luck on future flashes and dont forget to optimize the sound a lot zize is everything !!! :D


The filesize is enormous for a crappy cartoon like this! did u make on windows paint? Seriously, the size TOO big. It should be less than 1 megabyte. Ohh, I saw carmillo's review, and get to know that my computer is broadband and 2.4 ghz, 512 RAM. Now u can't say that my computer is crappy too. sweet.

PsychoS responds:

You LIE! How do I know? If you truly had a worth while computer then the cartoon would load up in mere seconds! My computer has far less than 2.4 ghz and it loads up in seconds. Nice try punk! Any idiot can grab a computer manual and use it's numbers to pretend they have a decent computer. Im willing to bet that the computer you speak of is in a catalog somewhere far out of your financial reaches. When you make a cartoon of your own and it is better than mine, THEN you can call my cartoon crap. Untill then why don't you grow some pubic hair or something.

Looks like a four year old made it.

You should really try to put more effort into your pieces. this just didn't look like you spent more than 2 hours on it. work on one for a month, and then submit.

PsychoS responds:

If you knew anything about frame by frame animation you would know that a lot of effort was put into this. I clicked on your profile and I see that you are yet another no flash making jackass that speaks about things that they know NOTHING about! Why don't you try to make a flash cartoon and see how much effort it takes! Until you make a cartoon that is better than mine, your comments make you into a BITCH!

Fuck u

You have alot to do u dont make anything near a good flash ass always yull repley someshit and there aint a fucking thing you can do u coward u make the dumbest flashes ever.Go ahead reply back u know theres nutin u can do ya bitch go ahead do it.u make the worst girls to and there are about 122,000,000 flashes better than yours better than your mom ass and dad to.

PsychoS responds:

One day a condom broke and your sorry ass was born. You call me a coward, but you are the one picking fights over cyberspace knowing full well that I will never know who you are. I could really care less. You are too much of a bitch to even have a profile. You have further proven yourself an idiot by admiting that you are too stupid to know how to count. If there are 122,000,000 flashes better than mine, then why does my cartoon rank 14,074? You cant even spell. What the hell is " nutin" ? You inbred dumbass ! Do the world a favor and get a vasectomy. You do not need to further taint the gene pool by reproducing.

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Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2002
10:38 PM EST
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