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OMG frontpage!
finally after 3 years of trying! thanks NG! this is certainly a very good surprise!
and RABID 2 is under development with almost all your suggestions taken into consideration (almost all the suggestions that i've read are great, its just that a few are quite dumb).

This is another experimental game. its a platformer/brawler. i switched to an all keyboard control scheme this time.

it only has one level and all you have to do is survive the incoming zombies.

read the help page please.

ok i know flash gamers arent exactly the smartest type but here are additional instructions since i've noticed that some people are allergic to reading in game help.

hold shift+arrow(left/right) to run
up+(Z/A) = lunge
down+(Z/A) =hammerstrike
up+(X/S) = uppercut
down+(X/S) = ground strike
down+(X/S) = kick downed enemy
down+space = drop from platform



make something like a story mode with lvl up and/or various stages and health packs and create a survival mode too like this where theres no health packs or more stages hope that helps :)


A good game but the controls felt a little slow a times maby next time have him walk faster and put the jump key on the up arrow key and make things like dobble jumps but it's a very good game, I'm waiting for the next one

just above average

cool concept, but it need's more gameplay depth and better controls.


but needs like a leve up system yea the battle mode system was great but add weapons like a pistol or other upgrades like that like say health incresses a laser canon or stamina bosters its a VERY good game but it could use some minor tweeks

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something just doesnt fit.....hmmmmmmm....i wonder

i hated the enrgy factor, geesh, n the big zombies, dont even get mei started!!! the controlls r noresponsive or just twitchy, n this was just aloppy overall!!! the modes having 2 b unlocked part wuz fine with me, gave the game alittle competitive edge, but COME ON!!!!i kannot win at this game, i only made it to wav 4 or 5 or whatevr on sheer LUCK!!!!!tooooooooooo hard, rdo it!!!

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3.50 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2009
6:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other