Deadly Balance

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Use mouse to keep your balance.
press LEFT ARROW to move.

Your balance shifts quickly when you walk, so stop and balance yourself frequently.


Work it up

Basically all you got going for you is a new and original concept of balancing. but right now your game is flat and boring.

First of all, try imaging your favorite game, be it bio shock, call of duty, or barbie pony riding, reduced to 15 second play periods of the same level over and over. You wouldn't play that game for longer than a minute. Try variations not only in the appearance of your levels but also in the style of game play. Add obstacles to get past, enemies to shoot at, or different rope materials with different effects. I don't know what, but figure it out.

Also, your game has almost no psychological pull, there's barely any reason for the player to want to continue playing after he plays one level. Try adding items or achievements or unlockable; you need a way to interest the player and engage them in a desire to play and play and play.

I reviewed this because you have a great concept with the whole balancing thing. If you could take that idea and turn it into a worthwhile game it would be both successful and original.

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it is possible

it did take me awhile to get used to it and is stupid i did not see the point in

I couldn't review this if I tried.

I will though. It sucks. The game is impossible. Did you even test it?


It was to hard, I couldn't go 3 seconds without dying


But not a lot of depth. It's only fun for a couple minutes, whether you can manage to beat impossible mode or not.

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1.82 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2009
5:22 PM EDT
Skill - Other