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Skipper Shits On Private

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Author Comments

This is a game featuring private from the Penguins of Madagascar

It's his time to shine and he's got to give it all he's got

In order to win, press the first letter of every word that the skipper shouts out

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Pretty Pointless

It was hard.. your fingers need to be quick.

Strategy Guide

S, R, C, F, S, A, U, P, P.

too little of a display

this is a pointless game, but it was funny!!! it is too hard to do i mean look at it:

Strategy Guide:
s, r, c, f, s, a, u, p, p.
it is really confusing. it is still a good game.

Holy fuck

That was amazing.
The seal = win.

kenny responds:

seal does equal win :)


A pretty pointless and stupid game, but it was still pretty funny. I'd reccommend limiting commands down to just a few keys and make the reaction time longer.

Strategy guide:

s, r, c, f, s, a, u, p, p


i dont care how hard it was due to the fact that im a slowtyper i thought it was hilarious...when i saw the sealion...doing what ever the hell it was doing to the penguin...i was like " omg is it eating its ass out!!"

kenny responds:

lmao, thanks for the review