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Mighty Red Orb

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You are Mighty. You are Red. You are an Orb. The Eternal Power is with you. You have three little white balls gravitating around you. Use them wisely. You have 60 seconds to complete each mission.
Are you ready?
It gets hard later on. Only the strongest will beat this game. But if you happen to be one of them, you will be rewarded with a cool animation.
Please enjoy!
- Hristo Atanasov (RatherRandom)

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Very nice graphics

Well you have some very nice graphics on this one and the gameplay of course is just as good but that game design and greaphics was pretty intense I would come play this everyday just to see the stunning and sizzling graphics very smooth work you put fourth on this one and glad I could review it now if there's anything to improve onto I would say adding small Easter egg bonuses would be a huge plus

Some extra Easter egg type bonuses


Good graphics and nice gameplay. Destructable environment is a rare thing and always welcome.

Two things in title and descritpion of game ar misleading trough and this prevents me from giving 5 stars:

The title is misleading - the Orb is not powerful. It is very weak - everything hurts him even touching walls.
The description is misleading - this game is not a shooter altrough you do have a very limited ability to shoot - it is puzzle game mixed with avoidance game. There is no enemies to kill like in a real shooter.

Normally these sadomazhistic avoidance games are not my thing. I tried this game just because I thought it was a shooter where you are powerful orb of energy. Wrong!

I still finished the game despite the great difficulty and it not being my type of game but I must lover the score for deception. Altrough not my favourite type of game I recognize it is well made, I liked environment of levels, music and mechanics so the score is still high.

I also like Samurai Jack, but the ending movie was mediocre.

I liked it

Quite challenging at times, I enjoyed how you had to make your way through like a maze and dodge obstacles.

EPIC!!! And to the guy below me...

This is a great game, just because your not good enough to beat it doesn't mean you need tp trash this game. When I read your comment, I skipped to level 5, and within 3 minutes, I beat it. Try a little harder next time, and don't criticize a good game just because you aren't able to beat it!

Mission 5....IS

0/5 0/10 FOR THIS **IT

RatherRandomReality responds:

After a general meeting was held our company decided to get our designers and programmers to work all week to revision mission 5 and make it easier to beat. Especially for you, little buddy. Because your zero made us so sad, we couldn't sleep.