2009 Internet Olympics

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Update 1.11-
-Includes trophies to earn
-Limits high scores


Concerning false high scores, as far as I know, the only games affected are "Button Bear" and "From A to Z". In version 1.11, I limit the scores that can be achieved. I submitted the update on Friday, we'll see how long it takes to get up here. Plus, I hope all of you enjoy the trophies you can earn (24 of them- Wow!)

Or you can get them on www.jflashgaming.com, the updated version can be found there.


2008 Summer Olympics Results:
1. China
2. United States of America
3. Russia
4. Great Britain
5. Germany

Don't see you're country up there? That's OK, you don't need billions of dollars in training to rank in the top three here. Everyone can compete! Hooray!


today 1st palcwe all global 2ed

wow this game is awsome plz make more

Highly addictive.

It's hard not to find this game amusing due to there being eight different games to choose from. I liked the spaceship game the best, but the geography was pretty fun too. The scores on the button bear game are unbelievable, I could never compete with that.

The animation and controls were very simple, I like that in a game. Overall, this was a nice compilation of minigames. Is there a ollection you would like this to be recommended to? Anyway, keep up the great work!


It starts with Chrono Trigger music. KICK. ASS.

I came for gold not shitty silver

I got gold for fastest typer with random unhuman skills, hehe go australia!

I only played 2 games so far pretty cool, il try to bring some more back home :D

i love it

the idea is great allthough some countries are on the top 3 twice i love it though oh and usa is kickin but woot go computerholics allthough if were winning by hack then boooooo

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Apr 7, 2009
6:14 PM EDT
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