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Generic Sprite Flash: 1

rated 4.25 / 5 stars
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Apr 6, 2009 | 9:52 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A flash that I created a long time ago and finally decided to upload. It's actually the first flash submission that I ever made and you have to admit that it's not half bad for a first flash. :P

I'd like to say thank you to aldlv, Life, and TPM for helping me figure out some technical difficulties. That was a lot of help guys.

The flash itself is very generic and feel free to leave your reviews in any manner that you would a generic sprite animation. It's basically Link going on a mission to collect an item. I was going to make it into a flash series, but never got to to actually do it.

Watch, enjoy, vote, review, etc.. I would like you to know that I've gotten much better since I made this, but just haven't had the time to make a new flash.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Yep, it's pretty generic. Nothing too new in the first episode, but the opponent that was too slow to catch Link was funny. Also, the cliffhanger is done very nicely.

The choice of music is good (you can't do anything wrong with one of sonofkirks submissions), but I would have preferred if you would have only chosen 8 bit music. It just adds more to the atmosphere if the whole presentation is in 8 bit.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

Thanks. I'm having an audio pro do my music next time for me. I know little about music sadly.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Slow paced but still alright overall.

This was pretty good,i liked the script a lot and the soundtrack was great too but the one thing that i didn't like was the slow pace it had whether it was Link walking or fighting but other than that i thought this was a solid sprite flash that shows a little promise for a swell series.

Fro responds:

Thanks. As you know I improved on the pace of the submission in the next episode. I never played a Zelda game so I didn't know how fast paced it was. :P


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Better than the average.

It was like I was watching some one play a Legend of Zelda video game, I must declare. The dialogue was impeccable, my good man. Don't make any (more) shitty mario or sonic sprite flash those already suck cock from the first frame. At least follow your heart and stick with what you know.

I was actually surprised that the old man didn't whip out his rock hard boner and try to fuck link up the ass. Crap its raining outside. Time to review.

To be continued... duh duh done What will happen next. That dog with the sword arms comes in and goes berserk massacring everyone in the room and hyrule. Sorry I just gave the next installment away.

Fro responds:

Well fuck.

I guess I don't need to make the next one now.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hmm, not bad

The generic Legend of Zelda flash returns. We see so many of these and everyone seems to make a similar mistake - please put a play button on the speech, as it can really slow down the flow of the flash, when you've read the text screen and then you have to wait for it to disappear before continuing with the movie.

Perhaps you could also locate these subtitles on a subtitle bar - especially when Link (Sorry, generic hero figure #1) was walking through one of the rooms, a lot of the scenery was obscured by the black box for the subtitles.

A lack of plotline, I'm afraid did detract from the whole production, but other than that, there were the occasional sparks of good work that we've seen from you before. Is this project abandoned, or will you give us episode 2 at some point?

[Review Request Club]

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Fro responds:

Sorry abou tthe the speech, but it's going to stay the same. I can't take the time to learn actionscript no matter how simple it is. I can't find time to deposit for my newgrounds account most of the time.

I like the idea of a subtitle bar though. That will be implemented in any future work instead of having the text in the middle of the screen. I have two projects right now where the text is the same, but from now on it's going on the bottom in a subtitle thing.

This is actually going to be a series full of plot and plot twists as soon as I find the time in my everyday life to continue it. The name will actually be quite ironic because by the time the series is over it wont be so generic. That was the point of the name. :P

Thanks for the review. Always welcomed and appreciated.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


:D I wrote it so yeah um ok so the flash for your first one is good better then i can do, but your choice of audio was not good as far as the middle one the Metalized one. although is a good song, does not fit in with the first and last one which btw idk if your aloud to include that in it because it is from a zelda game and has copyright against it so if you want me to write you some more stuff i can ive been looking to write some stuff to fit in with my town theme just have not had time or motivation. let me know.

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Fro responds:

I'll be using your town loop for a lot of stuff. :]

The last song was actually made by my friend, I forgot there were 3 songs in this.

I wont mix too many metal songs anymore. Thanks for the tips.