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Take to the sky in an epic battle on the Northern Lights. Update your turrets and arm yourself with 20 different weapons and abilities. Might seem easy as first, but learn the tactics and get on-board to sweep 20 levels. And if you fancy some more action check out Infinite Mode for nonstop action.

Collect bonuses, earn cash, level up, win the war on the Northern Lights.

Produced by Armor Games Inc
Programmed by Joey Betz and jmtb02 (John)

Mouse to Aim, Shoot, and Select
Keyboard Shortcuts as follows:
Space to fire
1,2,3,4,5 to switch weapons
Q,W,E to choose specific bunkers
Arrow keys to aim/switch bunkers
M to mute


Was good methinks.

Review time.

Goal: Destroy all enemies within 60 seconds. Basic and simple, but I don't get why there must be a time limit instead of a "quit" button. 8/10
Controls: Mouse/arrows to aim and shoot, letters Q, W and E to change bunkers and number keys to change weapons. The arrows should be used to move the bunkers, but there's no movement. 8/10
Gameplay: The fact that you can't move the bunkers combined with the limited aim is clearly annoying, as you can't reach certain enemies. The landscape makes it even worse, as it's raised/deteriorated with certain weapons, making it impossible to reach enemies. 5/10
Graphics: Simply beautiful. The landscape is colourful and the background is a space environment. It would be perfect if it wasn't for the bunkers. 9/10
Music: The music kinda makes you feel like you're in outer space. Pretty listenable. 9/10
Sound: Meh... I just think the sound is okay. 7/10
Loading: Did that load? Man, I didn't even noticed! 10/10
Replay: I decided to replay "Accessories" with this brand-new category. I enjoy playing it again some more time or so, but the feeling fades away with the mediocre gameplay tactics. 7/10
Difficulty: Once again, the gameplay makes the game more difficult, and sometimes I get confused with the bunker/weapon change letters. 6/10
Fun: The gameplay and difficulty spoil the fun, but since there's a campaign mode, I kinda get amused. Plus the fact shooting bunkers down is fun. 7/10
Overall Score: 76/100
Conclusion: You didn't make a new game in some time, and this game is good.

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i am jawed

i loved it it was really hard

Fun stategic variety.

I liked finding different combination that worked well together. The later levels are hard enough to make even the cheapest strats still kinda fun (since you can effectively lose on draws). I never figured out how to make the satellite work right.

Maybe others can keep track of more than I can, but I wasn't able to use more than one turret at a time effectively. If you add some automation options, then you could scale the rest of the difficulty up a lot higher in later levels. (I want a turret that will launch its nukes as they prep).

I thought that shields and nukes balanced out pretty well. Being able to equip two time-delay shields is a little cheap, but I think it would have been too hard for me without it. Maybe if the damage shield could upgrade to take any real punishment you could ban two time shields, or if the max time use on the time shields was a second or two slower. Still, I wasn't coordinated enough to keep shields up on more then one bunker at a time.

I think that any time people are talking about fine balancing points, the game is a win.

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Way to difficult!

It's really easy at first, but the enemies multiply and upgrade way too fast.


The concept is cute, but a lot of the weapons and defenses are cheesy as hell. The nuke, for instance, is basically an "I Win" button for whoever uses it. The things that lower terrain are super-annoying, and the computer doesn't seem to know how to use them correctly--more than once it used it to put one of my bunkers in an invulnerable position (usually when it vastly outnumbered me). Maybe it just screwed up because of the ever-warbling terrain. That was probably the most annoying thing--shots were flying everywhere because the BUNKERS were warbling everywhere.

I beat the campaign mode, but doubt I'll play any more.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
6:49 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery