Big Truck Adventures 3

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In this third installment of the series, you drive an off-road jeep and your goal is to get to the checkpoint as fast as possible.

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I found myself surprised that I liked this. It's still nothing great, though. I really do appreciate how easy going it is. The artwork is pretty realistic. Granted, I don't know if a car could flip like that in real life. I didn't even notice what the shift button did at first. I was indeed motivated to play this.

It's pretty mundane, if not for the crosses everywhere. Is this supposed to be a religious game? It's kind of weird symbolism. I do getting achievements. They may not be medals, but I like how they are told on screen.

really nice

you shoulkd just add like powerupps like reboud, more boost small truck etc and it will be less repetitive but except that, the physics of the vehicule anr incredible so good gob and by score after ahaving beat the game is 100484...is it good.... if you want could you like help me because i want to do a truck game in 2d like the style of yours so if you want, you could help me a bit please.... anyway you game is supaa nice...ps i favorite it and 5/5!!!


Graphics, game physics and handling are really good, but it's pretty hard to follow the "ideal line" as you don't know beforehand when you should and shouldn't jump. Sometimes you just can't get the speed you need for a jump and then you're in the water or quick sand; other times you end up jumping far too wide.
And you can't replay just one level to get it right next time.
Also, when playing it the second time, all the checkpoint signs and bonus messages had disappeared...

Not bad

Pretty good, but u should add more effects man...More sound, maybe some music in the background and I think it will look better with some flames or something shooting out from the back of the car when u use that boost thing...


Didn't enjoy

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3.61 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
5:57 AM EDT
Sports - Racing