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Well, here you go everyone - thanks for waiting as long as you did. The game's engine was actually done a while ago; it's just that I got lazy when it came to writing content.

This isn't actually the third chapter of the series; it's more of a demonstration of the new engine, and a nice big dungeon scenario for you to play in. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to finish Absalom; goodness knows it took long enough for me to put this out.

But if there's no more Absalom after this, this game is the least I can offer. I hope you have fun with it.

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Not as good as the earlier system.

I can see what you were trying for, but you've just made the system more complicated than it needed to be and introduced a bunch of minor annoyances.

Bad Battl engine.

I didn't like the 0 hp no dying thing. Unless the ratty I encountered had godly stats, there's no multi-hit 0hp death.Meaning that if you use ALL your moves on a monster and still can't 0hp kill it, you can't kill it at all. Or at least for the rest of the battle.

Also, the battle engine looks all messy and I can't believe you can run across half the field to attack. This makes advancing and retreating useless.The battles are too long for my taste.Fortunately,that's all i hate about it.

Finally, I hope your still doing the series. I love them.


This really hasnt gotten any better since the first one.

Great game... need help with doing it?

Since all people only say what is bad or good and I couldn't find any help myself, I decide to write some things about that game.

First, give all cards with additional dices (eg. diamond cards for Emma) to damage or defence. Defence is really important, if you give some cards into it, enemies will miss you every time and you will always start. Fights will be longer, but it's worth it.

Second, train some time in forest (not if you're playing on easy or very easy mode). Don't buy potions now, they can steal them. If you want to train not only Emma, let that second girl (don't remember her name =P) hit. Get good cards now (diamonds for Emma, hearts for that girl). After some time. go rescue Hiro from bandits. It shouldn't be a problem. He won't be very good... he's good only at close distances, while girls just get closer to enemies and don't lose so much 'strike', but it's worth it to train him a little. If you want to use him only as meatshield, don't attack with him, only get closer and he won't get any exp.

After training, go to town to buy potions. Later, go to dungeon. Many people have problems with opening that gate. All you have to do is:
xx door xo
oo door ox
(o - button, x - push, door - that gate...)
In the second dungeon, turn right (not sure). You should see underground river or something like that. There will be some stronger monsters, but with good cards (or easy/very easy mode) they shouldn't be a problem.

On any bosses, set good cards to defence and strike, any only a little to damage. They won't hit you and it will be easy to hit them.

I think I've said enough to make that game easy. Enjoy!

Btw, nice game, it was fun to play, but walking is annoying. 9/10, 5/5.

I think we all miss his submissions, quietjessica.

There's always been something special about the Kinsman games, what with that suit/card thing going on and the actual random battles. People liked the game because the core was solid, not really for the render quality or sound effects or music or even customization options. I did get kind of sad not being able to carry my overpowered characters from Absalom 2 over seeing as how they all had 60 defense after cards and took 2 turns and 0 damage on both final encounters.
That took me a good 3 hours to set up, because I spent all that time rigging every card they got as 6 or above, and all of the same character suit. I wouldn't have tried so hard if I didn't want to. I'm sure all of newgrounds would enjoy and honor a final Absalom game that is polished and as fun as the other 3 have been- with better graphics and attack animations, sound effects, perhaps a toggle for the music would save much sanity on our parts. It's great music, it just grates by hour 20.

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2002
4:40 PM EST
Adventure - RPG