Spectral Samurai

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Kill enemies by hitting the key on the keyboard that is the same as the arrow above there head

as you progress through the game you will collect different spectral armors, then you will have to match the color and hit the correct key of the oni you are slaying.

-the closer the enemy is when you kill it the higher score you will get.
-beating the game will unlock onslaught mode. there you can really compete for the highest score.



Dont know what to say

the general idea is great, the graphics are a little plain, maybe is the background, it may change for every level, maybe adding a map or a task, like geting to a sacred mountain, something like that.
the music could also variate, not just one track.

after a minutes i get to get pass every stage. the onslaught mode is more fun, maybe you could change the characters aspects depending in their color.

thats all.

not bad

too long the principal mode game and the music not help, but im really enjoy the onslaught mode

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this game has a great concept but it lacks a bunch of things such as boss battles,different enemies, and, actual skill. this game is way to easy!


This is a good idea for a game, but I think it takes too long to get to the different coloured oni, and the space bar attacks dont have much point, as they do the same dammage as normal attacks.
If these were improved i think this could be pretty good.

Well Done

Well done this is a good concept for a game, maybe with boss levels, and more challenging enemies this game would be better

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
4:04 PM EDT
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