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Sniper Year One

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Author Comments

Hopefully you will like this one, a violent sniper game with no stickmen artwork.

You are to complete various sniper missions for the organization you work for. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals.

use the mouse to shoot, press space to toggle the scope.

If you get stuck use the walkthrough, try reading the mission briefings though as there are clues.

I;ve done a bit more work on the collision and its a lot more accurate now.

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BULL!!! ...I didn't miss...

This was a pretty good sniping game. I'm not really into the whole thing. I think they're a bit too complicated. I always have to read too much to understand the level. At least I got pretty far. It's still a decent game. I like the animation.

It's hard to animate that well with silhouettes. The music was what really made it. It's quite appropriate for a sniper game. I guess I'm just more used to standard shooting games. The rest of the sounds are quite nice too.

This is really cool! I like the music most as well as the use of a heartbeat when there was only a small amount of time to hit my target, and secondly the use of colours and shadow in contrast of one another and an actual person in the mission briefing and menu sections of the game. In many ways this is actually quite similar to the other sniper games with stick figures, but what sets it apart is the leaps you took away from them. It's definitely a highly evolved departure from the stick figure sniper games.

I think it's extremely awesome that you give the option to look at everything instead of always being stuck in scope mode, but when you do exit scope mode, you can't shoot. That's how real snipers without spotters should actually work. (I happen to be a sniping buff, myself) I'm not complaining about the wobbling of my sight because it's rather obvious that my character hasn't had much time to set up and although there isn't a storyline whatsoever, I get the feeling she might be a rookie.

The overall style of the art, gameplay and music makes it intense and pretty fucking sweet, and while the last guy who commented on this complained about the minimalist style, I think that the silhouetted people are awesome. I can see why he said the thing about not being able to tell if the guy was in front of or behind the tree, but it's honestly not something that ever took away from the game for me, mostly because I was only shooting people when I could see them at all. It might help the player if they became outlined or something when they were in front of an object. Also, I did want to try some of the missions a couple of different ways, but there weren't any replay or restart options. I'm not really complaining about that because it's short as hell, but if it were longer you might want to put that in.

Great job! Keep on working.

This is a...nice game. It's very far from perfect nor is it good, but it's enjoyable. There are plenty of sniper shooters floating around. Hows does this one fare against those, and what are its own merits? Well...

Graphically, I like what you did here. While it maintains some of the elements other snipers have, (the minimalist environments,) the replacement of the normal stick figures with actual, properly proportioned humans is a major benefit. However, like some other snipers, the graphics get in the way sometimes. The second level is the best example of this, as I believe I should have been able to tell whether he was behind a tree or in front of it without taking a shot to test it. I understand the aspect of style, but it gets in the way of gameplay at times.

With the gameplay, there is a lot that I like and don't like. The mechanics themselves are tight. The gun is accurate and my shot will hit the head if I aim correctly. The hit detection is spot-on. However, while all of that is nice, the inclusion of twitching in this particular game is a major downfall. Yes, I understand why it's put in. It's "realistic." The thing about that is that it actually isn't. That's why actual snipers prefer prone positions, tripods, and the like, it REMOVEs that twitching in their aim. It's something that exists in a lot of sniper shooters, but it shouldn't be there at all. I've only seen it dealt with in a handful of instances, and each of those were wonderful. It's an unnecessary increase in difficulty. Something I must also criticize is the lack of the ability to replay missions after completing them without restarting the game, and the lack of the ability to restart the mission mid-mission. There is no reason for those not to be there. There have been multiple instances where I screwed up, made a bodyshot where I meant to have a headshot, missed the target repeatedly, hit something I wasn't supposed to, so on and so on. Even if I'm successful, I can't go back and fix it. I have to continue or restart the story. Now, this wouldn't be so bad on it's own. Just refresh immediately after screwing up, right? Well, the thing is, even if I get the mission perfect, the game seems to screw me over by rewriting my save file. Apparently, now I've lost a couple headshots and gained an equal number of bodyshots, my accuracy suffering for it, at which point I needed to restart because I couldn't replay the missions. This rapidly became annoying. Otherwise, this game doesn't have too many problems, but it's merits aren't stellar either.

Its flaws don't get in the way of standard gameplay, but that's just it: It's gameplay is standard. All that seperates it from other snipers is a minor graphical detail, with tight but standard mechanics. All in all, it's average. This is an enjoyable experience, but not something one should go through multiple times, nor write home about.

Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad.

A few pointers;

-Shooting moving objects leaves holes that don't move
-Move the cross-hairs too far into the corner and the edge of the blackout appears
-If you move your mouse too early after taking a shot occasionally (and only occasionally) the perfect shot will count as a miss (although that could be lag on my end?)

All in all a decent game

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2009
4:28 PM EDT