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S-RPG PSP Adaption 13.1

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Author Comments

EDIT: New racing minigame added! Not strictly Ad Hoc compatible, but you can compare scores with your friends!

Since April 1st is a time to get a little cheeky, I've found this a profitable time to submit the latest update of Stick RPG: PSP Adaption! Version 12 features a click-and-drag shop, a basic multiplication minigame at the University, a mirror minigame at your house, and everything from the last version! Since version 11 I have added sleek new buttons to the interface and concise descriptions of actions displayed when you roll over the buttons. I've now redone the music so it's the same as XGen's original "Stick RPG."

-Arrow keys to move
-Click button to do action indicated on it
-Keep your Health above 0 at all costs
-Accomplish as many Achievements as possible
-Get all of your stats to Godly

Before you go off ranting on how this isn't as good as real Stick RPG, know this: memory capacity for PSP's internet browser is about 1 MB, so I had to be very careful on what I did, and how I compressed it. Also, even though I had lot of space left, I left it at this because ) It would run faster, because even though it would run at 1 MB, it would be slow, and B) I'm not that good with Actionscript YET. In the game, you have everything you did in my PSP RPG Special Edition, except now you run around to those different places in which you do things. Also, you can buy a newspaper, fashion magazine, brass knuckles, and hamburger, and you can get into a bar fight! You'd better appreciate this because original .FLA's of my previous PSP RPG's mysteriously disappeared, so I had to re-create this from scratch! More things that have been added: Better graphics, analog stick movement, and better audio track! Enjoy! And now...

-To download, visit this site and download it (Remove any spaces):
http://www.freewebs.com/h ork-bajir/updates.htm?blo gentryid=4487367
Remove space in hork-bajir and in blogentry.
NOTE: Download link may not be latest version!!

Onto PSP:
-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
-In folder CONTAINING folder labeled PSP, create new folder labeled "Flash"
-Drop raw SWF file into that folder

To play on PSP:
-Open your Internet Browser on far right
-Cancel internet connection
-Insert in URL:
NOTE: If you changed name of the game file, change it on above URL.

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God im like a child now I remember I randomly played games as a toddler on newgrounds... And stick rpg and THIS GAME Was one of my faves.. I miss kwing making PSP Games.

Kwing responds:

There is a more recent version (v20) somewhere on my page, as well as a small side-project called Hot or Cold that runs on the PSP too - I made it like two weeks ago.


better than the other one.still boring copy off stick rpg.

Kwing responds:

Gee, thanks for the constructive review. Seriously, there's like 3 minigames that Stick RPG doesn't have in this one. And it's for the PSP.


Lawyer attack thing seems very buggy.
Not bad for a PSP sub.

Kwing responds:

Not really. The bullets are always in front of the player, which means they can move, but if you couldn't fire, it was because you use the up arrow key. The PSP doesn't have a spacebar.

Credits & Info

4.65 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
4:14 PM EDT