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Word Invaders

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Author Comments

My name is David Miles and I run dieajax.com. As a kid, I wore out a keyboard on my old IBM XT playing an ASCII art, monochrome typing game, so I decided to recreate that experience for my first Flash game. I upgraded from ASCII art to 8-bit Atari graphics :), added a few more enemy types and power ups. I hope you enjoy the game and I will be making many more.

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F keys are bad.

It's not a good idea to have F keys (F1, F2, F3), you should choose something else. Good choices are Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Alt, etc. The reason why F keys are bad is because it won't necessarily work for everyone. It's possible that these keys won't be recognize on some keyboards. There are also many keyboards that work differently, which mean that pressing a certain F key may result in doing something you don't want to.

On my keyboard, F1 decreases the brightness and F2 increases it. As for F3, it actually does the exclusive Mac feature called "Exposé".


It's a nice game though. Too bad I can't pause the words and letters.


Great to kill time, and keep a sharp mind. Definitely should make front page, it's well worthy. Small and fun! Great submission, very original idea and very much old school fun.

Old School Fun

This reminds me a lot of the old educational games that came with Gortek and the Microchips for the Commodore Vic-20. Much fun, much fun. The only real issues here would be with the "reload" between completing a word and starting up a new one. Also, the game doesn't *Reveal* (pun intended) what key you need to push or otherwise get the Reveal activated. At least it didn't for me.


I wasn't sure how to play. I tried typing the words, but it just didn't show anything.

Education that's....sorta fun

This remind me of typing of the dead. While not quite as fun, it still seemlessly blends gameplay and skill-building. This brings back good childhood memories of games like Treasure Mountain and Carmen Sandiego. The problem is the presentation, though. 8-bit was a novel idea, but if you really want to get people hooked, you're going to need better graphics. Also, let me point out that you set some pretty lofty goals. Level 50? 10000 points? %$#@ that. This game is fun, but not that fun. In treasure mountain, at least I wanted to fill the cave with treasures, but you need the goal to be more attainable to those of us with shorter attention spans.

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2009
12:56 AM EDT