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Please recommend for collection.
I would like it to be the adventure game category.

*Daily Feature*
Thank you so much. I'm extremely happy to see that I have won my first award, hopefully there are more to come. This truly was the hardest thing I have ever designed and I plan to have a sequel sometime in the near future.

There is an in game quality toggle at the bottom left hand side of the screen. The game may lag during the night phase on slower computers so you may want to change it to low if necessary.

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Zelda fans should really enjoy this game, because it was greatly inspired by the series. I really wanted to make something that could help recreate the feeling I had as a kid playing the games.

Day and Night System
Real Time Combat System
Role Playing Game
1 Dungeon with 2 bosses
Completely explorable world
Chapter one of a ongoing series

Movement - ARROW KEYS
Talk/Interact - A KEY
Swing Sword (if equipped) - S KEY
Equipped Item / Weapon- D KEY

This is my second game and the 1st chapter of an ongoing series of games. Due to this being made in flash I decided to make this game in chapters. This truly is my work of art and I would love some helpful criticism on the game. If you have any idea's for the sequel in any areas please fill free to leave them in your comment box or pm me some.

The day begins just as any normal day in Nevaeh Village. Our hero begins the day to find out that he has been summoned by the village guardian "Conrad". You quickly realize that you will need a sword and shield to make your way into the forest where he is located. But once there you find out that there is more going on then you had originally thought, and your being dragged into something that you may not be ready for.

Art- Matt Vile
Programming- Matt Vile
Wall Collision - Sabatino http://sabatino.newground s.com/
Music- Jorma Poyer AKA Deflektor

Walkthrough To Get Sword-
The game begins and your standing in the very beginning room. Open the chest by pressing the "A" key and you get 40 rubees. Now travel south and you make your way into the main villiage. Go inside the 1st store located to your right and buy the iron shard. (This is needed to build a sword)
Then right outside of the store you can buy a sack of wood from a creepy man. (Which can only be done during the night phase) Then after that make your way to the southernmost area located next to the ocean. There is one building in this area. Go inside and talk to the black smith. He will take the items and request that you come back in one day to retrieve the finished product. ( I suggest pressing space bar and clicking the go home button. Then you can sleep in the bed to make it night, and then sleep on the carpet to make it day) After the day is up make your way back to the blacksmiths hut go inside. Then make your way to the room located to the right of the main room.
There is a treasure chest in the back of the room that has the sword. After you get the sword you can get past the man blocking you from the



hey dude nice game but i think its bugging out i cant get the sword at the start the blacksmith just disappears. somtimes after saying his gonna make the sword sometimes his not even there from the start

UknownXL responds:

He goes to the room to the right of your location.

Good Job

I loved the game, especially the final boss. The LOZ element really shined through on that part where you actually have to think about what you need to do.

For the next part:
-Definitely be able to attack while moving
-Being able to use the shield as a shield
-Being able to save or something
-Hopefully side quests with minor bonuses? Or major bonuses, depending on how hard the side quest is+the length of the game

Otherwise totally awesome

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it´s great

you do a great job whit this game


The game has a case of the glitch bitch sometimes when I go into the first dungeon in the game I get warped into the wall + sometimes chests open even though I dont press A

Neat Game


Very nice Zelda-like attempt.

- Pretty solid for the most part.

- Fairly easy to control the character.

- I see that you can use the S key (I think it was) to end a conversation at any time. This is neat, but, since you use the A key to continue the conversation, the A key should also be able to end the conversation when there is no more to be said. It's more convenient to be able to use the same key for that.

- You should be able to swing the sword while moving.

- Allow the player to enter/exit houses, doors, etc. simply by walking into them, instead of having to press an extra key.

- Audio quality is pretty good. There aren;t many sounds, but should you expand on this, don't fall into the trap of becoming monotonous with sounds. For example, if there is a sound effect that occurs quite frequently, and is usually caused by the player, provide 2, 3, or even 4 similar sounding effects for the same event.

- The graphics are a bit too simple, but overall, they're good.

- The black areas at the end of the maps look creepy. :-P


- The acknowledgment of collecting items is a bit over dramatic. :-P
Save that for the major items. You know how, when you pick up the mini-potions that instantly add a little health? Do your rupees and bombs like that as well. Simply play a subtle sound, and be done with it. However, for bombs, and any other quantity-based items, you can do the dramatic effect the FIRST time you get them.

- When I was fighting the giant blob boss, it hit me, and I got stuck in the wall. Then, it killed meh. :-P

Not too many non-casual Flash games like this come along. Would really like to see this developed much more.

Good job, soldier.

- Ziro out.

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Mar 28, 2009
1:54 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG