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The Guardian: RPG

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Author Comments

Please recommend for collection.
I would like it to be the adventure game category.

*Daily Feature*
Thank you so much. I'm extremely happy to see that I have won my first award, hopefully there are more to come. This truly was the hardest thing I have ever designed and I plan to have a sequel sometime in the near future.

There is an in game quality toggle at the bottom left hand side of the screen. The game may lag during the night phase on slower computers so you may want to change it to low if necessary.

Sponsored by MiniJuegos.com
Check it out if you would like to play a Spanish version of the game.

Zelda fans should really enjoy this game, because it was greatly inspired by the series. I really wanted to make something that could help recreate the feeling I had as a kid playing the games.

Day and Night System
Real Time Combat System
Role Playing Game
1 Dungeon with 2 bosses
Completely explorable world
Chapter one of a ongoing series

Movement - ARROW KEYS
Talk/Interact - A KEY
Swing Sword (if equipped) - S KEY
Equipped Item / Weapon- D KEY

This is my second game and the 1st chapter of an ongoing series of games. Due to this being made in flash I decided to make this game in chapters. This truly is my work of art and I would love some helpful criticism on the game. If you have any idea's for the sequel in any areas please fill free to leave them in your comment box or pm me some.

The day begins just as any normal day in Nevaeh Village. Our hero begins the day to find out that he has been summoned by the village guardian "Conrad". You quickly realize that you will need a sword and shield to make your way into the forest where he is located. But once there you find out that there is more going on then you had originally thought, and your being dragged into something that you may not be ready for.

Art- Matt Vile
Programming- Matt Vile
Wall Collision - Sabatino http://sabatino.newground s.com/
Music- Jorma Poyer AKA Deflektor

Walkthrough To Get Sword-
The game begins and your standing in the very beginning room. Open the chest by pressing the "A" key and you get 40 rubees. Now travel south and you make your way into the main villiage. Go inside the 1st store located to your right and buy the iron shard. (This is needed to build a sword)
Then right outside of the store you can buy a sack of wood from a creepy man. (Which can only be done during the night phase) Then after that make your way to the southernmost area located next to the ocean. There is one building in this area. Go inside and talk to the black smith. He will take the items and request that you come back in one day to retrieve the finished product. ( I suggest pressing space bar and clicking the go home button. Then you can sleep in the bed to make it night, and then sleep on the carpet to make it day) After the day is up make your way back to the blacksmiths hut go inside. Then make your way to the room located to the right of the main room.
There is a treasure chest in the back of the room that has the sword. After you get the sword you can get past the man blocking you from the


Many Issues, But ok.

First, I just want to say that I recognized many sound effects from LoZ, which bothered me a lot. Ok, there are a few collision problems, but they are the worst of all, the goblins hit me, and i hit them when our swords reach about a yard away from them, and the Jelly Boss killed me before he even touched me. Also I don't understand why I get stuck when I'm walking near "Tall Grass." And the Night/Day thing is cool, except for when it's day.. and the time that the sun is up doesn't seem at all long compared to the night-time. And when it does transfer between night and day, characters disappear immediately and doors appear out of nowhere, also characters appearing can "land" on you, making it impossible to move unless you use the "Go Home" feature, or going the hard way and waiting 'till dawn, or night.
The transition between doors is truly obnoxious since you have to hit "A" every time, and enemies can knock you "into" the door resulting that you have to go to a different room, then back into the one you were just in, and battle the creatures inside again (unless you didn't kill them)
Also, like wouter215 said, "where are the roads? it's hard to know where you should go. play some zelda." I agree with him.
And, like I said in the very beginning, the LoZ sounds, couldn't you find some more suitable sounds? Really, I can't find the damn bell thing that rings in this game, when it goes from night to day, and day to night. Not that you could find it in Majora's Mask (It was in the Clock Tower or something, but I never saw any BELLS on it). Anyways, back to LoZ sounds, the sounds you used from the "Windwaker" doesn't feel right in this game... but THAT is an opinion, as well as some of the other stuff I've said (SOME)
I think that's all. --- Wait!! The locked doors take a while to open. This could cause problems when you're trying to make a hasty escape from a room of baddies, but then again, You could just use the "Go Home" thing. And the "Go Home" button should REMOVED from BOSS BATTLES! The most important thing of all is to provide no escape during boss battles. Especially in games like these.
LoL 1,862 characters remaining. Still this is a good game despite the many gruesome bugs.

To improve

First off a lot of collision issues. I should be able to walk left or right alongside walls. I shouldn't be able to hit goblins with my back.
The day and night thing is a nifty feature, but the way it was implemented make it more of a un-fun nuisance then something enjoyable.
Getting healing items was very infrequent and with enemies respawning every time you enter a room this became quite a pain especially since you return all the way back to home instead of the front of the dungeon like in Zelda.
There were some other bugs and lameness, but I can't remember due to being distracted by TV in the middle of writing this.

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well i tihnk its cool that u put in some pinkman:D

lol u put in some pikman with the time thingy and i thing u shuld put in eather a bow and arrow or slingshot fer the wepons


good idea but the layout and first impression kinda sucks. the beginning is very dull and boring and it just movers around too slow.... U should probably make another version thats not as slow.

This reminds me something......

mmmmhh.......ZELDA of course!!! there's anything new in this game!! is the clone of zelda!!.....no, wait......ZELDA is a little bit better!! anyway, you've done a great job, in fact the story was good. maybe next time try to create an original game, not just the COPY af a popular videogame!!! XD

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Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2009
1:54 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG